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Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by Gear, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. I've broken two otterbox defenders. Granted they lasted months and it was the rubber tearing or the plastic getting a crack but my iPhone is going on a year now. I usually slip it into my shirt pocket while on duty.

    A lot of guys use the belt holster. Which to me is asking for it to fly out while running.

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    Otterbox Defender. I've had them for my last four phone (Galaxy Nexus, Photon BB9630, BB8330). I have broken the holster on every single one of them, and each time Otterbox has replaced them. I have never broken the case itself and it seems like each one that I have owned has been designed better than the previous ones.

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    They make phones that are mobile?

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  4. Dragoon44

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    Yep, My wife's mobile is always walking off and she has to search for it. I been thinking of knee capping it so it will stay put.
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    Wife or phone? :D

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    Phone of course, My wife has the annoying trait of staying put, for 27 years and counting now!

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    I've got a nifty bag for mine.

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    Ahhhh, the old bag phones had to keep them plugged in since they only had about 30 min battery power. and you were paying a dollar a minute for calls.
  9. I have a "Ballistic" brand case for my new motorola. Have to say its great and really have no complaints. Its a two piece case kinda like the Otterbox, has a soft/gel skin that is held in place by a hard plastic snap on cover. It also has some really nice THICK corners for drop protection.

    I would honestly say that Ballistic gives Otterbox a good run for their money.

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  10. I've used a Seidio Surface case for my blackberry and such in the past. Fairly happy with it.
    I just got the Seidio Convert kit for my iPhone5. It includes the surface case, but also has a soft and a hard layer to go over it for when you are on duty. The clip is sided for duty belts and has a sliding lock.

    You can add a 'Surface' clip for when you only want to use the smaller Surface case.

    [ame=""] Seidio BD4-HKR4IPH5-BK Convert Case and Holster Combo for Apple iPhone 5 - Retail Packaging - Black: Cell Phones & Accessories@@AMEPARAM@@[/ame]

    Not too bad for a $34 kit.
  11. I've been using the Otterbox Defender for about a year and I highly recommend it but the crappy little belt clip on the holster is another story. It's flimsy and won't fit on a duty belt. I asked for opinions in CopTalk and DaBigBR told me about the "heavy duty" clip Otterbox used to make but no longer offers.

    I was able to find a "heavy duty" belt clip holster on and although it was for a different model phone, I was able to use a little ingenuity and replace the flimsy clip on my holster with the "heavy duty" model and that was the perfect fix. It won't come off in a foot chase or a fight. I've dropped my phone in the Otterbox a couple of times, including once on the diamondplate cabin deck of a Munson police boat and neither the phone nor the Otterbox has a scratch on it.
  12. My Otterbox Defender finally tore after close to a year. Followed the directions on their website and they sent me a new one in less than a week. It fits pretty well on a standard leather duty belt. I've heard some issues with the clip, but I didn't break mine. The clip & case they just sent me is a little bit different than my old Defender. Seems to fit better and the clip feels stronger. Maybe they took some advice from LEOs about the clips and adjusted the newer Defender series. I've also heard rave reviews on the lifeproof cases, but don't feel like paying the $70-$80 pricetag on them. Otterbox replacement was FREE.

    I have an IPhone 4s.
  13. Our radio system is pretty much one step above a tin can and a string. I pretty much have to carry my phone with me at all times while I'm at work. I use a Lifeproof case for my Iphone 4 and carry it in my shirt pocket. We're supposed to be upgrading to a digital radio system here in a couple of weeks and hopefully that will help. There are areas in our county where the mobile radios don't even work. You can forget about the portables working unless you're in town or holding the thing above your head while you transmit.
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    Thanks guys. I greatly appreciate the feedback. I can't carry my phone in the jail however transports, hospital watch etc. are my greatest concern should I have to go hands on with an inmate. Not to mention our radios are all but usless outside the perimeter. So I have to rely on my phone for communication.
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    Seidio surface case.

    I like how it comes in half. I don't like to plug my phone in so I have a spare battery and remote charger for my SGS3. This case let's me crack it open quick.

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  17. Just what is "otterbox"? I have seen them listed on phones and I am curious as yo why they are superior?
  18. RussP


    Defender Series
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    They are usually a hard case with a soft insert that goes over the phone then snaps into the hard case.

    They are very well made and tough.

    My wife had one on her blackberry and now on her GS2. and hasn't been able to break either one. And that says alot.


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