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CARVER Mounts & Custom Parts

Discussion in 'Sponsor Showcase' started by BCarver, May 18, 2009.

  1. BCarver

    BCarver Millennium Member CLM

    Oct 13, 1999
    Jacksonville, Florida
    Hello GlockTalk Family,

    Having been an advertiser on GLOCKTALK for the past 7 years, our staff and I are very thankful for the continued support from GLOCKTALK and our Customers. If you are not familiar with our company and its products, please accept my invitation to visit our website at

    Our Company Information
    A new division of our company, B&B Enterprise, was formed 8 years ago after I designed and developed the CARVER mounting systems for Glock handguns. The name of the new division was "CARVER Mounts". Since I had been a professional competitive shooter for the previous 25 years, I was accustomed to the stability of sight mounts securely anchored to the steel frame of 1911's and revolvers that I had used for years in competition. After testing my first Glock in 1998, I began using other mounting systems that were available on my Glocks. After a couple of years, I began designing a mount that would achieve my expectations for a Mounting system including the features from a modular mount that would not damage the polymer frame of my Glock, a strong stable mount that would retain zero and control the "dot jump", a versatile mount available for all red dot sights, a mount that would provide a competitive edge and a mount that could be manufactured at a fair price. The outcome was a mount with the following features:
    • A Lifetime Warranty
    • Available for Cmore, Aimpoint or Weaver sights
    • Centers sight low over the slide for accuracy and control of the "dot jump"
    • Available in low "Competitive profile" or Hunter profile
    • Multiple colors available
    • Strong, durable construction using quality aircraft aluminum
    • CNC modular construction with interchangeable parts
    Since the introduction of our CARVER Mounting systems for Glock handguns in April of 2002, thousands of mounts have been distributed and continue being sold for use in all types of competitions: GSSF, IPSC, Steel Shooting, NRA Action, Bowling Pins and fun shooting.

    After the introduction and success of our CARVER Mounting systems, we continued designing, testing and distributing other Glock custom competition parts that have been proven through performance and testing. All parts are available from our online secure website:
    • IPSC Major Compensators including our "proven" CARVER Comps and SJC Comps
    • CARVER "Big Mouth" Magwells (Aluminum and Stainless)
    • Stainless Guiderods for G17/G22/G31/G34/G35
    • Sliderackers (CARVER Custom and SJC)
    • Custom Drop In Trigger Kits (Stock and UL)
    Other Custom parts we proudly distribute include:
    • KKM Precision Barrels
    • CMore Red Dot Sights
    • CR Speed Holsters, Belts and Magpouches
    • Competitive Edge Range Bags & Accessories
    • Glock Magazines
    • Taylor Freelance Extended +5 & +8 Mag Extensions (Brass & Delron)
    "NEW ITEMS" Coming Soon!!!
    1. Springfield XD CARVER Mounting Systems
    2. Springfield XD +5 Taylor Freelance Mag Extensions
    3. Springfield XD Magwells
    4. CARVER Custom 4 Port .45 ACP Comps
    5. CARVER JPoint Base for CARVER Mounting Systems
    6. JPoint Electronic Sights
    7. CR Speed WSMII XD Holsters
    We welcome your questions about any of our products. Please feel free to email our office at or email me

    Thank you,
    Bobby Carver
    B&B Enterprise

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  2. DEJ/FL

    DEJ/FL Millennium Member

    I have been shooting for over 27 years with the last 10 years shooting GSSF matches. Of all the products I have used on my Glocks the Carver Mounts and Caver Custom products are the BEST!
    These products are competition tested many times over. Bobby is a great guy to do business with and he stands behind all of his products!
    My most recent Unlimited G17C with a Carver Mount and Carver Competition Barrel with 4 port Comp was first shot at the Northwest Florida Ballistic Challenge in Pensacola Florida last November.
    When I was not shooting it, it was out on the table at the practice plate rack for any one that wanted could shoot it. I guessing it had over 700 rounds fired through it that weekend and it shot flawlessly!


  3. OMF64


    Nov 8, 2005
    Left Coast
    Just have been looking at Mr. Carvers web site and I see some great looking cool items. I am planning on building an Unlimited Glock soon and from what I see I will be purchasing my components from Mr. Carver at B&B Enterprises. From my research there seems to be the best prices and I have seen many of the items in action and am sold that they are the best around.

  4. BCarver

    BCarver Millennium Member CLM

    Oct 13, 1999
    Jacksonville, Florida
    Thank you for your interest and support. We take pride in distributing and designing handgun products for all your shooting needs. All accessories and parts that we distribute are used and tested by our team CARVER Mounts and me.

    One of our ojectives is to supply efficient effective accessories to assist all competitive and hobby shooters plus provide excellent Customer Service including responses to all your handgun accessory inquiries.

    Please feel free to email me with all of your questions or use this forum for your inquiries.

    Bobby Carver
    B&B Enterprise
  5. DannyR

    DannyR Moderator Millennium Member

    Dec 17, 1998
    Roanoke, Virginia
    There is no finer mount than the Carver Mount. I own two.:cool:
  6. I have been shooting and reloading most of my life. I am an NRA certified Senior Training Counselor teaching firearms and marksmanship for 25 years. I found GSSF and Glocks quite a few years back,fell in love with the Glock. Topped off with a C-more sight and competition Carver mount it makes one very stable and low to the slide platform for shooting competitively. Mr Carver is always a delight to speak with should you ever need technical information or you just want to thank him. Really!

    G17C Unlimited with a competition Carver mount, C-more with a 6 MOA dot,a KKM threaded barrel with a Carver competition 4 port comp, Carver Custom SS Glock Magwell 5.9 oz, a slideracker, Wolff spring and guide rod, Talk about a shooter !!!!!!!

    G17L Unlimited with a Weaver Carver mount with a TASCO PDP5CMP (beer can) on top with variable dots. Another good shooter best for someone just getting into Unlimited Glocks. The slide is a little slower because of the extra weight of the G17L slide.

    G34 Unlimited with another setup just like the G17C.

    For anyone who wants to talk send me a private mail and we will go from there.

    Pete (Pharaoh)
  7. Don At PC

    Don At PC Senior Member Millennium Member

    Dec 17, 1998
    I have been shooting GSSF for 10 years. I have tried many different mounts, comps and red dots. A few years ago I was given the opportunity to test the new Proto Type Carver Mount before it ever came on the market. I felt honored since I was and am an Amateur Class shooter and most of the other folks asked to test the mounts were Master Class shooters. This was a great experience for me. We all brain stormed and submitted to Mr. Carver our ideas of what we liked about his proto type mount and what we felt could be changed to make it better. I can honestly say that the current product is the best on the market. I have the Hunter Model mounted on a G37 with a C-More Red Dot and it is a great setup. I also have the Competition Model mounted on a G17L, a G17 and a G17C and would not trade them for anything. If you use the Competition Model you should have your ejection port opened some for reliability. This is because the mount is as close to the slide as possible for a great sight picture. My current GSSF UL Glock is a G17C. It has the ejection port lowered, Carver Competition mount with C-more, Carver 3 port Comp, Carver SS Magwell, Carver Slide Racker and KKM Match Barrel. This is a great combination. As a matter of fact the first 2 matches I shot with it were clean matches. I attribute much of this to using the Carver 3 Port Comp. It really keeps the muzzle flat. If you are shooting Factory ammo or shoot for a Fower Factor then the 4 Port Carver Comp. is just the thing.

    I can say with total confidence that you would not go wrong with any dealings you might have with Mr. Carver at B&B Enterprises. He will stand behind everything he sells and will offer great tried and true advice to anyone who asks for it. Don't hessitate to ask any Team Carver Member if you need help. We are not all Masters but we are all treated like it and are more than happy to assist any way we can.

    See y'al at the range soon.

    Last edited: May 22, 2009