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Carrying 24/7

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by hankthetank, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. hankthetank


    Jun 19, 2006
    How do you guys carry 24/7 ? How did you get yourself to carry day in and day out. I want to start carrying more but it seems like i only do it when it's convient for me. How can i get myself to carry all the time, any pointers ?
  2. The Habit

    The Habit كافر

    Feb 18, 2005
    Assuming your gun/holster combination is comfortable, just do it. There isn't any secret other than actually strapping it on every day. It will soon become second nature.

    If your gun/holster combo is so intrusive that you don't want to carry everyday, re-evaluate your gear.
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2012

  3. eclark53520


    Feb 12, 2007
    24/7? No. I take it off when i sleep, so it's typically about 12/7....

    It's part of my routine. I put on my pants, put on my gun belt, put the gun/holster on, put everything in my pockets that i need and finish getting dressed.

    I forget the G30 is even there most days. Once your body gets used to it being there, you forget it's there. The more you wear it, the less of an inconvenience it will be.
  4. hankthetank


    Jun 19, 2006
    I carry a G19 in a comp-tac minatour. It seems a little tight. I should prolly try going a size up in my waist size but then theyr usually to baggy.
  5. The Habit

    The Habit كافر

    Feb 18, 2005
    You'll have to compromise somewhere. There is no "perfect" scenario for carry. For instance, I can't stand IWB carry and want more gun than I can pocket carry. Hence, I carry OWB and have to dress around the gun accordingly. Jackets and untucked long sleeve shirts in cool/cold weather and untucked short sleeve button up "cover" shirts in the summer. I will very occasionally pocket carry a smaller caliber gun if circumstances dictate certain attire.

    So, you may need to deal with baggier pants.
  6. RussP

    RussP Moderator

    Jan 23, 2003
    Central Virginia
    Your profile says you're a Police Officer. How much more motivation do you need?

    And, for those who need more information about hankthetank before you post...
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2012
  7. dosei


    Mar 22, 2005
    Upstate SC
    Well, the single most important thing to help you carry regularly is COMFORT. That means an excellent gun belt (I highly encourage people to go with reinforced belts), an excellent holster, and proper clothing. For IWB carry, most (myself included) find that a littler larger waistband size results in a very pleasant increase in carry comfort. If you like trim fitting pants, then IWB will not work for you. I've come to very much enjoy the little bit of extra room (and resulting increase in freedom of movement) one gets from pants with a little larger waistband...but I had to try several different brands to find the ones that feel/fit/look best on me.

    But aside from making sure your gear isn't "encouraging" you to disarm, it just comes down to DOING IT. That is how old habits/preferences (being unarmed) get replaced with new habits/preferences (being armed).

    "Until you stop walking around naked, your clothing will continue to feel foreign to your body."
  8. +1

    With my last gig I had a S&W 4566 w/light, two mags, ASP, two cuffs, OC, light, radio, and camera mic on my duty belt. Even a steel 1911 felt light on my waist compared to that rig. My G19, which I also carry in a Comp-Tac MTAC is very comfortable.

    hankthetank, what kind of belt are you using? A cheap-ass belt will create all kinds of comfort issues. When I don't need a dressier belt, I prefer reinforced nylon (5.11 Operator or Wilderness Instructor) for its excellent support and nearly infinite adjustability.
  9. Rumbler_G20


    Dec 5, 2011
    N. Florida

    Think of the alternative. :faint:

    Seriously. What if the worst happens and you are not prepared when it does?

    Haven't you ever noticed that it is always the sleeping guard that gets killed first in the movies? There is a reason for that.

    They were unprepared.:dunno:
  10. sr975j


    May 2, 2010
    Cincinnati, OH
    how do i carry day in and day out?...good belt, good holster, and watching the news (there are some crazy ass people on this planet).

  11. DannyII


    Jul 25, 2011
    Just like breaking a bad habit (smoking, drinking, eating fatty foods) or starting a good habit (exercise, eating right, flossing, carrying), all you can do is to do it TODAY. If you didn't do it yesterday, no amount of guilt or wishing you had can change that. Likewise, planning on doing it tomorrow is equally useless.

    Right now, get up, and put the rig on, even if you're not going out until later. Done and done for today! Repeat tomorrow.

    +1 on the comfort level being important. Right now sitting here in my office, I have my 5-stitch Wilderness belt on, with my fully loaded 26 in the Glock sport/combat holster strong side, with a 15 round reload in glock mag holder and the cell phone on the weak side. Wallet and Streamlight pro-tac 2L in weak side rear pocket, Kershaw folder in right side front pocket. Everything is tucked in nice and tight, the belt and pants are comfy and not too tight, and the weight of it all is distributed well, and it balances nicely. All of it completely disappears under my sweater.
  12. Bullwinkle J Moose

    Bullwinkle J Moose Quick! Duck!

    Mar 1, 2001
    Perhaps you should elaborate on why you feel carrying 24/7 is inconvenient? Do you have kids at home? Is your wife/GF a nagging liberal? Is your weapon/rig too uncomfortable? If it's a matter of comfort, pony up and get a weapon and holster combo that is comfortable. At home I pack a J-frame, figuring that I can use it to get to something more effective if necessary.
  13. hankthetank


    Jun 19, 2006
    I guess its me just being stubborn and not wanting to get jeans that are bigger in the waist. When i wear my rig it seems tight and digs in which i cant deal with on a hot day. My set up is a G19 in a CTAC MTAC with a wilderness tac belt, so my setup of good quality.
  14. collim1

    collim1 Shower Time!

    Mar 14, 2005
    Start out slow. There is little excuse for leaving a jframe or LCP at the house. Either can slip in a pocket and cause little inconvienence throughout the day.

    Last night after a 12hr shift wearing a vest and duty I absolutely did not want to strap on a gun and take the wife out to sushi. I put my 442 in a OWB holster and went out with just that.

    It was a close brush with death, but I survived.

    Seriously though, I normally carry a p239 and a spare mag. With a good belt and holster is not a bad tote. You will get used to it pretty quick and pretty soon it is second nature.

    If you do work in LE you should be carrying something 24/7, no excuses. Even if its a jframe in the pocket with a speedstrip it might save your life.
  15. DannyII


    Jul 25, 2011
    I have the MTAC, and sometimes carry my 19 in it, too. It's the best, most comfortable IWB I've ever tried. If you find that too uncomfortable, spend $12 and get a Glock sport/combat holster from MidwayUSA, or someplace, and try OWB.

    If you don't like OWB, then you have but two solutions:

    1. Bigger pants.
    2. Less Hankthetank. :director: :workout::strong::treadmill:

  16. Bill Lumberg

    Bill Lumberg BTF Inventor

    Jun 14, 2002
    Ask a police officer with your agency for tips. With a proper belt and holster, it's not a hardship. What do you carry in when you're on duty and what is your agency policy on off duty carry?
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2012
  17. ADulay


    Nov 5, 2011
    SW Florida
    Like a few others have already mentioned. Comfort is king when carrying all day and all night.

    As I personally dislike putting a gun in my pants, I carry OWB with a cover garment of some sort.

    Even my wife now looks for things that I can wear with an eye towards concealment!

  18. racer88

    racer88 NRA & SAF mbr

    Oct 14, 2009
    Ditto to all the above. I carry a G27 in a Crossbreed Supertuck or Whitehat Maxtuck all day, every day... whenever I'm wearing pants.

    I think the most overlooked (and dismissed) piece of the equipment equation is the belt. Do NOT skip getting a REAL gun belt. Not a "stiff" belt you found at a department store... a real gun belt. It makes all the difference in the world.
  19. HarleyGuy


    Mar 29, 2008
    I carry so frequently that going into places where I Can't carry is my only problem.

    Carry what is most comfortable, regardless of caliber.

    No one wants to be shot, even with a .22, .25. or .32.
    Unless you encounter a BG who's wearing body armor these little pocket guns can be very effective especially with well placed hits.

    Depending on the weather I usually carry a G-27 or a Kimber Ultra CDPII but lately I've been carrying a Kel-Tec .32 in a pocket holster.

    If you carry IWB or OWB a good holster and belt really makes a big difference.
  20. SCmasterblaster

    SCmasterblaster Millennium Member

    Sep 24, 1999
    Hartford, Vermont
    [​IMG] 24/7 ? - well not quite. I have it off but right near to me when I am sleeping. When I am up and around I have my 3rd Gen G17 in a Bianchi No. 4/4L holster loaded with 17 Winchester +p+ 115gr JHPs. I chronoed this load - 1400 FPS. I have a 16-round backup mag on me as well. My friends and neighbors are safe from evil with me and this load around!! I also carry a good flashlight.
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2012