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  1. I'm a retired fed. What set up do you suggest for carry around 3.5 ?

    I'll be waiting on your reply.

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    I just came out with a kit called the "G Match" all the parts are 100 % Glock factory. I would recommend it for any small frame other than a G34 or G35.

    You can see the list of components on my website:

    You also are eligible for the LE discount. If you are interested you can email me and I can give you the discount code to use when purchasing on the website.

  4. Hi, I'm retired Pa State Parole (we carried 19's), my personal was 23 (IWB), but I am tall and big. But when carrying without a holster I carry S&W 340PD (357) at 12oz + 5 rounds more, it's about the same weight as my wallet (one's in left front pocket, and one's in right front pocket/with pocket slipcase).
    Been using both since June 2007, when retirement showed it's lovely head!
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