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Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by Morris, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. Tagged for later, need to dig up the post I made detailing the things suggested in a kit.

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  2. North American Rescue here in Greenville, SC has great products. They have everything from massive hemorrhage kits and casualty response kits to hypothermia prevention gear.

  3. I forwarded this article to our Force Options Training Unit and they are now enthusiastically working towards getting us trauma kits. Just last month they gave us all CAT tourniquets.

    Hey Officer Survival. I forwarded your company info. I like supporting local businesses.

    I've been meaning to put together a small kit to put on my tac vest as well. Maybe I'll send a few more e-mails and try to get that issued instead of paying for it.
  4. Thanks everybody for 1) Talking about trauma kits and 2) all the kind words and referrals for us! A couple quick notes-

    North American Rescue- We love NAR and we carry a lot of their products, so if you're looking for a CAT or one of their other items, we match their advertised pricing and love to sell their kit. Since we carry other brands as well, we're a good mix & match spot (IMHO, of course).

    Phokus Kits: These things are the heat and are flying off the shelves. Morris and I were talking the other day about how this is one of those "Why didn't I think of that" items that seems to smack you in the face. Unfortunately, I just got word from the manufacturer that the cheaper model (the LETK3G) has been D/C'ed so once the ones on our shelves are gone, that's it. I'd like to see these goes to LEO's so if you're on the fence, I would pick one up soon. Shoot me an email at with your GT screen name and your agency and I'll give you the agency price too. Or you can PM me here. Or call.

    BC- Thanks for the referral! We love BC, it's like Washington only more mellow. At least once you get out of Vancouver. Let me know if you guys have any questions or specific needs.

    Finally, a question for everyone. Would you be willing to carry less trauma gear if it fit in your soft armor's plate pocket? We're trying to find the happy medium on a new line that finds the balance between price, amount of gear, and size. I'd really appreciate your feedback.


  5. Morris


    Guess I had better call you tomorrow then . . .
  6. Looking forward to it. Well still be carrying what is titled the LETK2G now (becoming just the Law Enforcement Trauma Kit) as well as what's going to be called the Deployment Kit, its just this lower cost one that's going away.


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  7. CJStudent

    CJStudent Fenced In

    I can't tell from the pictures, but does the Phokus kit fit in a soft-armor carrier in addition to a plate carrier? I'm thinking about one to throw in my concealable vest.
  8. The only issue I can see here is compromising the vest warranty. Our particular vest company will void the warranty if the vest or carrier is altered in any way, including putting extra stuff in the pockets.

    I don't honestly believe that a trauma kit would impact the performance of the panels... but I could see my department NOT allowing us to carry a kit in our vests like that.

    I (or other officers) may choose to do it on our own anyway, but it's a gamble of losing admin or vest manufacturer support if there was an incident.
  9. Speaking for myself. Our vests have the insert for the trauma plate inside the carrier rather than on the front. If possible I'd like to see a small trauma kit that could fit in a shirt pocket perhaps? If the size of the kit needs to be reduced I could do without the shears and glow stick.

    Now that you guys have legalized marijuana I'm sure Washington will be even more laid back than BC in no time!
  10. Hack

    Hack Crazy CO
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    You may laugh, but if nothing else carry tampons and feminine napkins. Apply to severely wounded areas.

    Sent from my communicator.
  11. It will fit inside your soft armor carrier. The only question that we haven't answered yet (since it's a typical winter in Seattle) is how clammy it will get right next to your body on a hot day.

    Regarding the new kit idea, it sounds like a shirt pocket size is the way to go rather than the plate pocket. We'll have to slim the kit down a lot to do that, so what would your priorities be? My first blush is QuikClot gauze, gloves, and a tourniquet. Bag can double as a chest seal. Would you want to see variations or just one? Thanks again for the feedback.

  12. Nice. I will definitely check you guys out for these type products. Glad to have you around here to help provide info.
  13. Even without using the vest plate pocket, that doesn't mean I couldn't still slide the kit inside of my shirt. We have "hidden zipper" uniform shirts (the buttons are sewn on the outside shirt flap just for looks), and I routinely unzip and store folded paperwork inside my shirt and outside of my vest.

    Maybe something with a couple strips of velcro would be useful. The kit could "stick" to the extra velcro on the outside of my vest carrier (my straps don't reach all the way around), underneath my shirt, and shouldn't really be considered intrusive to the vest carrier or plates.
  14. This is something else we've looked at and I'm working to source. We don't have manufacturing in house, so it's a matter of finding the right pricing. I'll keep you posted on what we discover.

  15. indigent

    indigent Bamboozled

    Any thought to a kit that will fit semi-flat in a leg pocket of a pair of cargo/BDU style pant? We wear the 5.11 BDU's here w/ the soft side velcro on the inside of the pocket...
  16. Our Patrol Aid Kit line will fit in those pockets, but they come poly-packed rather than hook and loop fastened. The BPAK is going to be the slimmest of the four. We could also do a custom quote and build for an agency that we could slim down a bit if you'd prefer something a little less noticeable.

    I've got some feelers out there to our friends in the industry who do sewing work to see if we can have a custom pouch built that would fit this need of securing within a pocket as well.

  17. CJStudent

    CJStudent Fenced In

    Maybe throw a triangular bandage or two in there? There's a million things you can do with them, and they take up almost no room to speak of. It would help in holding the quikclot gauze in, hold a chest seal on, rig a sling, makeshift 2nd tourniquet if needed, etc.
  18. DaBigBR

    DaBigBR No Infidels!

    I think the obvious concern there is the integrity of the kit if it were struck with a bullet or knife.
  19. Morris


    I'd be less concerned about the integrity of the kit and more about the knife stuck in my chest. :)
  20. CJStudent

    CJStudent Fenced In

    I think you miss the point a bit. What happens when you have the kit between your vest and the threat, the threat hits and penetrates the kit, damaging the contents, but the vest stops that round. Somehow in there there's also a hit to the area your vest doesn't cover, and now you have a kit that's in pieces that probably isn't going to work well to fix you up.

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