Carry options for NY's restricted to 7 rounds.....

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by JDSTG58, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. Totally, I just can't see why anyone that values their life or choices as a free man would follow this just because they say so, ****ing ridiculous. People are so willing to just give in and comply it makes me sick.

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  2. Being that limited, go all out! They wont get up after getting hit with this!

  3. That's the problem with most people, they give in ,crumble put there head down in defeat!
  4. Bruce M

    Some people will "give in." Others will make a measured decision that becoming a criminal and risk going to jail or prison really isn't worth it when there are any of several perfectly acceptable handguns that will do a more than adequate job, including a 1911 which has been effective for a century, a J frame which was the standard for concealed or plainclothes carry for a couple decades, or some more modern additions, including a Shield.
  5. faawrenchbndr

    faawrenchbndr DirtyThirty fan

    Only for the 1st year,.......then they will be considered illegal
  6. If anyone wants the FACTS instead of hysteria, go here:

    How hard will it be, come 4/15 to load 7 rounds in a 10, 9, or 8 round mag?

    Then, according to this, you can still load 10 at the range or gun club.
  7. I don't think it's a matter of difficulty loading a 10 round mag with 7. It's a matter of the bad guy will not be observing the new law. The law abiding citizens are now effectively at a severe disadvantage if ever engaged in a defensive shooting.

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  8. Great link, thanks.
  9. the governor of your idiotic, backward, ******-bag state should have polled the thugs to see what gun THEY are going to carry after he signed that law:

    Thugs: "whatever i damn well please, F you and your laws"

    Law-Abiding-Citizens of ******-bag NY: "how about i just use harsh language against an armed criminal"......
  10. HKLovingIT

    HKLovingIT Resident Evil

    Carry two guns. You guys invented the NY reload.

    Some that come to mind:

    Various Kahr models
    Sig P239 in .357 Sig or .40
    XDs 9mm or .45
    Sig 938
    Sig 290
    Sig 220
    Ye ole 1911
    Ruger LC 9
    Glock 36
    Glock 39
    Some of the single stack 3rd gen Smith's
    Revolvers (2 of em)

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  11. And where does it end? How many compromises are people going to keep making in order to comply? Effective or not, J frame, 1911, etc, it's about being free to make your own decisions. Putting limits and restrictions on rights, doesn't make it much of a right at all.

    First it was "why full-auto?", now "why semi-auto"
    "Why do you NEED a gun?", "what are you afraid of?", "why are you so paranoid"
    "Why do you need X rounds?", "why do you need more than 10 rounds", now "why do you need more than 7 rounds?"

    What's next? Need has nothing to do with the choices of a free citizen and their rights. Complying with these regulations is asinine, when the next shooting happens, they'll only regulate further, is the answer to comply then as well?
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  12. Short Cut

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    I'd go with my lightweight commander.

    Les Baer Concept X

  13. HKLovingIT

    HKLovingIT Resident Evil


    Nevermind, I read the thang wrong.
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  14. That's a good list.

    For those in NYS, like me, you can keep what you already have and downliad to 7+1. 11+ mags are supposed to go or be modified.

    Is my Glock 26 at 7+1 still a good choice? A Glock 27 is a better choice, and the Glock 36 may be the best choice.

    Kahr P9 and CW9 are fantastic choices. Along with the smaller PM9 and CM9. Also the .40 and .45 flavor of those guns. Similar choices are the Ruger LC9, S&W Shield, and Beretta Nano.

    Sunubby revolvers look even better than they used to. The medium frame revolvers also make more sense now. When talking a limit of 7-round mags, the gap between revolver and semi-auto has narrowed quite a bit. But the semi-auto is still quicker to reload for most people.

    The 1911, in .45, .40, and 9, has a bigger appeal now. Stupid that my wife's EMP9 has to be downloaded by 2 rounds.

    That brings us to one of the worst parts of this new law. A new shooter can't even go out and buy a 9mm 1911 style Springfield EMP now, but its single stack mags hold 9 rounds! If you already own it, you can keep it and the mags. But if you need a new mag for it, you can't buy one.

    The 7 round limit is really a draconian crusher. Guns you have can't get replacement parts and can't be sold instate. And the list of legal new guns to buy has been more than cut in half. Probably 75% of the guns have been made illegal to buy in NYS.

    I joined the NRA, have you yet?
  15. Hk you are wrong 10 rounders are grandfathered you may keep 10 rounders but other than at a range can only load 7 after the April date. You will not have to give up or modify your existing ten rounders to hold 7. After the date the only mags allowed into ny except curio and relics need to be 7 or less.
    At that point I figure my wheel guns are going to get a lot of carry wear. Can't see the point of carrying a 9 with 8 rounds in it versus a six shooter
  16. Make sure you keep in mind the 50 ounce limit on hand guns. So D eagle comes in at 70 empty. So a no go.
  17. What a stupid, stupid law.
  18. Revolver FTW:

    leave no casings behind.
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  19. HKLovingIT

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    Oops my bad - I read that wrong. I missed that it said more than ten rounds in the FAQ.
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  20. Glock 36 and kahr pm9

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