Carry options for NY's restricted to 7 rounds.....

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by JDSTG58, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. So now with our 7 round limit in NY, what would you chose for carry? Stick with what you've carried before and an extra low cap mag? Go back to a revolver with speed loaders or moon clips? What would you chose?

    I've carried a Glock 30 for years. Now I'm thinking I may go to a S&W 620 or 625.

    And yes I know a bunch of you will suggest moving....... Not an option for many of us......

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  3. WT

    Millennium Member

    S&W 3913, 3914, 3953, or 3954. Maybe the 3914DAO or 908.

    They use a 7 round mag. They also come with an 8 round 'high capacity' mag.

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  4. God is intending for all of NY to go to his personal choice, the 1911. Accept it! :)
  5. The_Gun_Guru

    The_Gun_Guru Ban Democrats!!


    A U-Haul:wavey:

  6. faawrenchbndr

    faawrenchbndr DirtyThirty fan

    From what I understand, will only NBC able to use the high
    capacity mags for a year. What are you going to do then?
    I would suggest a 1911 CCO, seven rounds of proven 45acp!
  7. barth

    barth six barrels

    My 1998 Classic factory nickel plated Sig Sauer P220 45 ACP
    came from the factory with 7 round mags.
    I'll never live in Communist NY.
    But if I did this is what I would carry;
    My Sig Sauer P239 357 Sig came with 7 round mags too...
    Either one will kick ars and take names.
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  8. WT

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    Ruggles is correct. 1911 it is.

    A Colt Commander would be nice.
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  9. As I understand it, my 10 round Glock 30 mags will still be legal, but only loaded to 7. I've been carrying a.45 for years. But I have been thinking 1911!
  10. How many rounds does the Colt delta 10 mm hold? It was on my list before all this nonsense.

    I'm also thinking something in .44.
  11. Desert Eagle in 50AE. Factory magazine holds 7 rounds
  12. Glock 36 that I have or the Citadel Compact 1911 (officer size) that has 7 round magazines. I don't have the Citadel yet; it is on layaway.
  13. The_Gun_Guru

    The_Gun_Guru Ban Democrats!!

    Walther PPS uses 7-round mags but the gun is NOT cheap at around $650.

  14. KennyFSU

    KennyFSU What to wear...

    Kahr PM9.

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  15. Exactly why I live in the SOUTH!

    I'd carry a Colt 1911 if seven rounds is all I could have.
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  16. If I was forced at gun point to move to New York.....

    I would then own a G36, Springfield Armory XDs .45acp, anyone of the Kahr family of handguns, a 1911 with 7 round magazine, SIG P245, P220 or a S&W .38spl revolver.

    Anyone of the above would fall within the 7 round magazine limit.
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  17. the new Springfield XDs will be coming out soon in 9mm, 7+1 capacity

  18. **** the unconstitutional bull**** and carry a full-cap handgun anyways, giving in just gives them the power they want.
  19. not only is 7 rounds the limit for your carry gun but also your home defense gun..can you imagine 2 or more intruders breaking into your home in the middle of the night and you have to say- excuse me while i make sure i only have 7 bullets in my gun..this is pure insanity going on in NYS!

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