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Carry Gun COLOR?

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by BrewerGeorge, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. BrewerGeorge


    Nov 29, 2011
    Here's an oddball thought I just had that I wanted to get some opinions on.

    I'm preparing to have the slide of my Kahr CM9 Cerakoted to cover all that pretty stainless with something more subtle. As I'm trying to decide just which black to order, it occurred to me that other colors might actually be more subtle than black.

    I'm not talking something bright, but one of the earth tones like flat dark earth or coyote tan. I carry IWB almost exclusively, and the point is to possibly add a bit of insurance for those times when the coat gaps open or you bend funny and a piece of the pistol peaks out. My thought is that something black or silver at a person's waist has a better chance of making a casual observer think "gun!" than does something brown or khaki. Browns or khakis evoke leather and wood, while black and silver usually mean metal, and it's a short trip from metal to gun. (Cell phones and cases have probably reduced this association a bit, though...) Additionally, I think the lighter khaki colors might have the benefit of being easier to conceal inside light T-shirts because there would be less chance of seeing the dark color behind.

    I don't know; I'm just throwing the idea out there to see what everybody thinks. What's your opinion?
  2. Fiery Red XIII

    Fiery Red XIII Adorkable CLM

    Sep 20, 2006
    matte black
    (just what I'd prefer)...but I'd leave stainless stainless. To each their own my friend. :cheers:


  3. BrewerGeorge


    Nov 29, 2011
    Yeah, black has always been my aesthetic preference, too, and I've never understood the other color thing - with the exception of hunting camo. When Glock introduced the OD frames I didn't get it.

    This piece is definitely function over form, though, and I'd color the darn thing brown if I thought it would make people assume it was a belt or something instead of a gun. Even if it would be ugly as sin.
  4. Fiery Red XIII

    Fiery Red XIII Adorkable CLM

    Sep 20, 2006
    for that, I would color it as close to the holster and/or belt then. Black matches more things. What state are you in? Are you in a place where a "wardrobe malfunction" exposing your weapon=serious issues? If so, I would also look into concealment options and other clothing fixes too.

  5. BrewerGeorge


    Nov 29, 2011
    I'm in Indiana, so no.
  6. Angry Fist

    Angry Fist Dehumanizer® Lifetime Member

    Dec 30, 2009
    Hellbilly Hill
    Any black'll do. I carry NP3+, and love it. But what I really want is a bright copper finish longslide, though.
  7. bad89stang


    Sep 8, 2011
    Fort Worth, TX
    Leave it alone unless you just feel like throwing money away. Nobody notices the weapon you have on you. If by chance, someone catches a peek of it, who cares. It will be a non issue.
  8. DWARREN123

    DWARREN123 Grumpy Old Guy

    Jan 25, 2008
    Clarksville, Tn.
    I like mine to be matte black also but go with what you like. :supergrin:
  9. PolymerPackin

    PolymerPackin FrontSight4Life

    Nov 30, 2011
  10. jeffyjeff

    jeffyjeff awesome sauce

    Aug 18, 2010
    go with a nice pastel green.
  11. Bren

    Bren NRA Life Member

    Jan 16, 2005
    Why are people going to be seeing your gun? I figure if it's concealed the color doesn't matter and if you draw it, you want somebody to see it.
  12. Bubble gum pink. I'm secure enough to admit liking the colour.
  13. BrewerGeorge


    Nov 29, 2011
    That's the thing, I think the brown and beige guns are kind of ugly, so I'll probably go with Sniper Gray or Graphite Black after all. I never really wanted to go brown, I just wondered if anybody thought that color offered concealment advantages.
  14. jastroud


    Jan 3, 2006
    Upstate SC
    Tactical blactical is my preference. I had considered the NP3 chrome type treatment for the slide, but my little 26 is beautiful without it.
  15. bruzer


    Apr 18, 2011
    Grants Pass, Oregon
    As far as color goes, here is a little chart I found on the net:

    • green eases stress
    • orange soothes anxiety
    • purple relaxes and soothes fears
    • blue helps overcome hurt
  16. I agree. A hot pink would be good to really throw people off. :rofl: Most guns are black. Stainless is good but more expensive so gun manufacturers all have them mostly black now. But why waste money.[​IMG]
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2011
  17. Lior


    Jul 23, 2004
    Color is for raceguns, not antipersonnel guns.
  18. Paul53

    Paul53 Geezer Boomer

    Nov 27, 2011
    I can understand wanting to customize your gun. IMHO, Color wont make it shoot any better. If you've got the money to spend, invest in something more function oriented like a trigger mod, or buy more ammo. Maybe a conversion kit to make target practice cheaper, or just buy the parts in the color you want so you have spares. If I had the money to spend I'd consider a new gun. I just can't see spending money on something as cosmetic as color, except maybe some chrome mag release, etc.
    On second thought, if you've got that much money to spend on asthetics, how about getting me some ammo for Christmas? .40 S&W JHP please. I always hang panty hose over the fireplace but Santa has yet to fill em.
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2011
  19. English


    Dec 24, 2005
    The question is about function but the answers have been about aesthetics. Personally I like matt black guns aesthetically and because they minimise possible dazzling reflections, but, especially for a pistol worn under a shirt, I would think a skin tone would be a great advantage, especially with an appendix holster or similarly frontal position. Under a jacket in a 4 O'Clock position it would be useful to match shirt or jacket lining. Once festivities start, bublegum pink would be really useful to prevent the natives from becoming too frightened if you move through crowds with pistol in hand, because almost all would think it was a toy until the bangs start. In more general terms a multicoloured browns and geens camoflage patter would break up the outline at some distance.

  20. BrewerGeorge


    Nov 29, 2011
    This may finally be the answer I need when my wife asks my why I need so many guns. Well, I obviously need one to match my blue jeans, one to match khakis, a white one to wear under T-shirts, etc. :supergrin:

    That's her excuse for why she has so many purses, so she should understand.:rofl: