Carry concealed on military base??????

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by glock361963, Oct 31, 2012.

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    Like I said elsewhere, I wonder how many armed and homicidal maniacs would obey such a sign?

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  2. I think the point is that your state permit for concealed carry is not valid on federal property. It is not just military installations. This is an area you do not want to misinterpret.

    I work for the Army and I find the rules very confusing. All my weapons are registered on post and the acceptable transportation methods are not easy to understand when one just looks at the local regulations.

    I keep it simple by not carrying or transporting firearms on post. When I travel, I will carry a concealed handgun, but if my destination includes a military installation, I leave the gun home.

    Depending on the installation you visit, the response to discovering a weapon will vary a great deal. The response will even vary depending on the sensitivity of the facility you are near.

    As to allowing soldiers to carry around post, it is a matter best left up to the commands. The soldiers are often young and wild. I would not want all the junior soldiers to be armed, but there may be a place for some. Again, the command will make the decision.

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    Hey PettyOfficer! You must be ex-USN like me. I was an STG2.
  4. I don't think he was trying to be inflammatory. My sense is he was just pointing out that if even the regular troops can't be armed then Joe Civilian Blow better not even show up at the gate with something.
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    True. That was a terrible shooting spree.
  6. Don't go on the base without prior authorization.

    You may be just flat out refused, in which case you can wait at the gate for your friend. You may be advised to call the Provost Marshall's office or SP/MP's and they will accomodate you. If you are in the mil you may have better luck than being a civilian.

    The base is (usually) a Federal installation and falls under the Title 18 code...your local permit means nothing.
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    Here it varies. Some bases ban it on a blanket basis, but the ones I work in are cool with me concealing as a civilian in them. YMMV.
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    maybe in Israel but not in the US :wow:
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    I was sent to a job and did not know it was on a military installation in south Georgia .. drove to the gate and asked what i should do .. they told me to take it to the Sheriff’s Office and turn it in to them and when i was done to go back and get my gun ..
    I went back to get my gun they did not want to give my ammo back .. but he did ... I had a lot of hollow points 1- 33 rd mag & 2- 15 rd mags :shocked:
  10. Lior


    SCC - I do admire a certain ordinance of your hometown!
  11. SCC

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    me too !!! :supergrin:
  12. SCmasterblaster
    Last I checked the Federal law has not changed. To transport onto a base the firearm must be unloaded- not on your person and in a case/trunk . I do ocassionaly still go on base to shoot trap/skeet. Never had to declear nor stop at the front gate to register my weapons. CCW's do not apply on Federal property. They are state issued permits. Federal Buildings(VA Hospitals ) have always been off limits! Now here recently with and influcks of very anti- gun Commanders there has been a push of more restrictive regs.
    The thing is they can't subvert nor add to the Fed Laws more restrictive actions. IE Forced Registration. Yes they have forced Registrtion of all firearms- don't hear the NRA complaining about that do ya! They even tried to have military folks that lived off base to register there weapons on base!!! :steamed:
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  13. Guys, not sure where the confusion is, but there is no transporting firearms onto a base!

    We debate the post office exceptions all the time and reach the same conclusion= NOGO

    The only exception is a post that has a highway running through it w/o a check parts of FT Dix. You drive through without stopping.

    I have three bases within reach.....all posted.

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    I said this four pages ago! No, I said it for a Veterans Hospital.
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  15. Signs are usually posted at the security gate. As others have said you have to have prior approval (forms filled and routed) ahead of time to bring a POF on base. Here were I'm stationed a visit will probably not qualify you to bring a firearm onboard. I would call ahead and see what the process is at the base you are planning to visit.
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    I'd definitely call ahead of time. Cell phones are handy for last minute situations. :cool:
  17. I personally know of two Army Post that allow firearms hunting during hunting seasons. One also allows use of personal firearms (including handguns) at ranges by following certain rules. But proper procedures have to be followed.

    As said so many times, check with the appropriate authorities for the installation you are going to visit. But CCW/open carry of handguns is prohibited at every place I know about, unless you meet certain valid exceptions, like LEO on official business etc., and even that is not universal.
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  18. Norfolk Naval Base clearly states on the overhead display signs that "NO PERSONAL WEAPONS ALLOWED ON BASE" and if you are caught with one it will confiscated and you will be arrrested and most likely fired if employed on base....
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    I wonder why my VA Hospital is so restrictive? They just DO NOT allow any weapons at all, except for knifes with blades under 2.5 inches.
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    They? The VA Hospital does not set that policy. Federal law prohibits weapons in Federal facilities.

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