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  1. College entrance exams na next school year
    ano ba magandang course kunin?
    Assuming the Hschool student does not have an idea what he wants to be
    Business course? secretarial? aircon and refrigerator repair? :)

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  3. Dang, my dyslexia had some trouble with that one.

    I had no problem reading the sig line though.


  4. Glock30Eric

    Glock30Eric .45 ACP

    lol. I would suggest you to explore your skills for a year before you apply a college.
  5. :) not me, my son
    but I was thinking the same thing
    Take a break for a year
    hopefully he can make up his mind
  6. Chie

    Taking a break for a year would be a good idea. So he can think of what he really wants to take up and explore his options :cool:
  7. PMMA97

    PMMA97 MNSAmessdetail

    take a year long break?
    baka naman yun ang maging option nya... to take a break the rest of his life.
    huwag naman sana.

    better talk to the child. scrutinize her assessment exams. dalhin sa mga tao or businesses na semi gusto nyang kunin na course exposing him to the future of a selected course.

    mahirap talaga mamili ng course para sa bata.
    andaming factors.

    malupet yung wala talagang idea yung bata kung ano ang gusto.

    kapag gusto magsundalo join the pma.
    kapag gustong maging siga join the pnpa.
    kapag gusto yumaman at libreng makita ang mundo join the ... :)
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  8. This is one reason why I believe with K 1-12. Hurry the boy/girl to finish then they won't know what to do/take
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  9. In high school I worked in a sharpening shop. Machine shop.

    After high school I joined the army and was a Tank crew member for 6 years.

    I figured out that I enjoyed machining while I was in the Army.

    Used the money I got from the Army.....GI Bill, Army College Fund, to get a two year degree in Manufacturing (heavy in machining).

    I love the work, but on occasion there are layoffs in this field because machining is much cheaper over seas. They can pay them with rice to run the CNC machines that I run here for a living.

  10. You may be right Ed
    di naman sya tamad , he's actually pretty bright and he's studying in a tough school
    isip bata nga lang, he's only 15 wala pa sa utak nya that he might have to work for a living someday :)

    the problem w/ stopping for a year is masisira momentum ng aral
    Plus, mas maganda kumuha ng entrance exam now habang naka tono pa utak, not after a year of inactivity
  11. ano hilig nya fafa?
  12. maglaro ng computer :) maghapon nasa harap ng computer
    pero he's not interested sa com sci daw
    buti nalang walang hilig sa baril :)
  13. architecture kaya fafa......para me master planner na mga real estate holdings mo hehe
  14. Ayaw din
    Dapat nga civil engineering , andito na sa uplb libre pa tuition
    Nagbago isip :) gusto sa mla mag aral
  15. FAFA A. try mo baka cosmetology ang type kunin. Dami chicks dyan
  16. Glock30Eric

    Glock30Eric .45 ACP

    Wow I couldn't understand what you guys are talking. What language are you guys using?
  17. JaPes

    JaPes Rimfire 1010101

    Guys. English.

    Even though I understand Tagalog, others here may not.

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  18. aba ako nalang!
    seriously , madami bata mas maganda kumuha nalang ng vocational courses than pumasok sa college
    mas madali sila makapunta abroad ( just guessing )
    Our office has hired accounting majors from local colleges here na literaly hindi marunong mag compute. I wonder what they studied.

    pati nga ako nagbabalak mag aral ulit

  19. ooops. will do
  20. One time i heard the chairman of CHED saying that college is not for everyone.
  21. Di na kailangan ng college , what's important daw is common sense
    Wala daw ako common sense sabi sa pinoyguns haha

    seriously, college is for everyone basta mature na utak
    Madami students here sa uplb studying online from abroad who are older pero undergrads who want to finish, or nag masters/PhD

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