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Carbine Class at The Impact Zone, Texas

Discussion in 'T&T Commercial Postings' started by RossBotha, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. RossBotha


    Jan 13, 2010
    Carbine Class at The Impact Zone, Texas
    Hello Everyone,
    Very unique training opportunity at
    March 20/21

    Ross Botha will be conducting a carbine class in the Comp-Tac bay.

    Cost is $400.00
    Standard gear list. 1000 round should suffice.
    Sidearm too of course.

    $200.00 deposit will hold your spot. Class size is limited.
    Send deposit to:

    Ross Botha
    C/O Gregg Garrett
    Box 1809
    Spring, Texas

    Ross Botha Tactical Defense Academy (TDA) was started by Ross Botha in 1997 as an instructor training organization (Train the Trainer) and service provider to military, LE and qualified civilians. Within the first two years of TDA’s existence it became one of Africa’s best firearm training and violent encounter survival techniques organizations. TDA has trained hundreds of instructors that today are spreading those skills.TDA insured not only the highest standards be available in Africa, but also complied with International Standards. TDA built a reputation as a “custom” company by designing specialized courses for unique situations. It worked closely with International Firearms Training Academy, run by renowned trainer Andre Pretorius. TDA had over twenty affiliate instructors, made up of professionals in the Military, Police, Security, VIP Protection, Goods-in-Transit, Conservation, etc. It was this broad field of knowledge that TDA drew from that made TDA such a powerful training school. Whatever the requirement, TDA could provide the trainers to do the job. TDA could train the personnel directly or it could train instructors and design course programs for the client’s own instructors to work with. TDA’s owner and director of training Ross Botha came from a military background and has been a firearms instructor since the early 1990’s. He is one of only a few civilian instructors who were regularly used to train South African police and military personnel in an official capacity. He was extremely active in the firearms industry in South Africa, serving on both civilian and government organizations. Ross has had the opportunity to work with trainers from many different countries in all areas of firearm related disciplines including VIP Protection; Goods-in-Transit; Ballistics; Law, Counter Insurgency Warfare, etc. Previous clients include South African Defense Force, South African Police Service, South African Metropolitan Police Service, PetroSA, Chubb, COIN Security, De Beers, Securicor, Trans-Africa-Transport, DEA-agents, various South African PSD teams deployed world-wide, etc. Ross carries qualifications from the following institutions: • University of South Africa • Defense Training International • SASSETA • POSLEC SETA • International Firearms Training Academy • South African Defense Force • SAQA • International Training Academy • Behavior System Development • PRISA • Personal Defense Systems Ross Botha also served on the Board of Counselors advising the Standards Generating Body under the National Standards Body for the South African Qualifications Authority. Ross has also been a technical adviser to the South African Police Service and South African National Defense Force. Ross has further served and retired as, a commissioned officer in the South African Defense Force. Ross was appointed Moderator on the advisory team to the SGB committee (Field 08 POSLEC Seta, working group “USE OF FIREARMS.”) who is generating the National standards in firearm training for the Police; Military; Security Industry; Correctional Services and Public. Ross is also used as an expert witness in court cases. Ross has been the guest speaker at various events and universities, giving talks on topics such as Tactics, Close Quarter Combat, anti-hijacking, defensive law etc. Ross now calls the United States of America home. Since 2007 Ross has been involved in the marketing of high quality ammunition, tactical weapons accessories and bringing high quality training to the United States. Contact John S. Farnam, President Defense Training International as professional reference.
  2. RossBotha


    Jan 13, 2010
    We're filling up fast...!!!

    A few Extra Notes:

    You will need around 300 rounds for your side-arm,
    Friday night will start at around 1700 ending around 2200. (Theory Only)
    Saturday will run from around 0700-2200. (Range)
    Sunday from 0700-whatever it takes! (Range)

    You will need all the Usual Suspects as far as kit goes +
    5 dummy (inert) rounds for each firearm you'll be using. Back-ups too.
    Good knife (folder or fixed...whatever you carry)
    Web-gear or pouches for at least 4 spare mags for your rifle
    Single-point sling (or a sling that allows transition)
    Lunch & water for Saturday + Sunday
    Tools for your firearms, lube, bore-snake etc.

    Contact our good friend Gregg at Comp-Tac for more info.

    Looking forward to seeing you there!

  3. RossBotha


    Jan 13, 2010
    Some notes on our recent class presented in Houston at The Impact Zone.
    Thank you first of all to everyone that made it possible. Impact Zone provided a great venue, one of a few ranges where you can still move around and do multiple drills. Support them! Our good friend Gregg Garrett (Comp-Tac Holsters) provided the class-room facilities and also acted as class-organizer/host. Not only does he make some of the finest Kydex gear available, he is also a true gun-man! Thank you. His input during the entire class was much appreciated.
    On Saturday we were blessed with Texas rain. Lots of it! This turned out to be a very valuable and humbling experience for us. Operating a rifle/carbine under such extreme weather conditions quickly expose equipment difficulties and manipulation issues.
    We had a number of Stoner variants in class. It quickly became evident that they require skill and determination to keep them running under adverse conditions. Most performed well, a few did not. Extraction difficulties and ammunition sensitivity turned out to be the two issues that plagued some of the guns. Rain, cold and mud added to the frustration. We had one Robinson Arms XCR in class. The placement of the single-point sling attachment point caused some short-stroking of the cocking lever. This was remedied later, by changing out the metal hook on the sling. We replaced it with para-cord. Problem solved. Our DSA FN/FAL shooter managed the 7.62 extremely well. This rifle did not like the dummies (inert rounds) used in some drills. Failure to extract these made for some frustration. There was a lone Kalashnikov in class, it ran with boring efficiency.
    Most students quickly found out that working around rifles while wearing rain/cold weather gear comes with a whole new set of problems. By day two most of these issues were remedied. Placement of magazines, secondary weapons, blades and other gear requires careful planning when wearing bulky winter clothing.
    Much shooting was purposefully done from the support side. We do not practice this valuable skill nearly enough. Going to a shooting range and practicing what you already do well does only one thing, it strokes your ego. Very little else is accomplished. Our students prevailed and learnt to overcome. Well done.
    To all our students, thank you. We exist only because of you. We hope to see you all soon and look forward to the next session.
    For more information or finding out about organizing/hosting a class, please contact me at
    /Ross Botha