Caracal C Review & G19 Comparison

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by plouffedaddy, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. I watched your review on YouTube the other day. Seems like a very cool 9mm. For the price, it seems to be a pretty amazing deal.

    Don't like the fact that the rear sight is built into the firing mechanism, but other than that, I might have to buy one someday!

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  2. Total guess here but I think it'll change when they put out a 'gen2' or whatever they call it version of the gun. They already changed the slide lock once (I think they'll change it again as well for the reasons I noted) because people were complaining. A lot of people seem to dislike the rear sight set-up; seems like a easy change as well...

  3. I'll pass on supporting terrorism. :wavey:
  4. Pretty ignorant comment. :upeyes:

    Their government doesnt make the gun. They just buy it.
  5. Thanks for your great report on both these pistols.:thumbsup:

  6. Ignorance on your part as you know nothing of how a Middle Eastern corp. functions.

    So you would have bought a Mauser sporter in WWII?

    But thanks for selling out your country for your personal pleasure!! :upeyes: :wavey:
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  7. If you don't want to support terrorism then be sure to not pay taxes to the government!

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  8. Apples and oranges. UAE is an ally.

    Either way...Im going to have the best gun for the money...and Imo, this is the best polymer pistol at any price.

    I assume you'll be buying a Volt or Tesla since you are so against sending money to UAE.

    And in any case corporate tax rate for international business is second lowest in the world at 2.2% so its not like govt is getting much.

    The vast majority of the people there take no issue with Westerners, and any money you spend does not fund terrorism.
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  9. Make sure you stop using oil based products (gasoline, plastics, etc) too!
  10. Tiro Fijo is an idiot and is best left ignored(him and Cold dead hands). Anything he says has very little to no credit after you've read one or more of his posts.

    I can't wait to get my hands on a caracal and take it to the range. If I can shoot them better than a Glock I'll make the switch.
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  11. thanks for your review...I might give one a go if I saw it priced would LEOs and their is a big reason that GLOCKs are there now too...aggressive pricing gets you in the door...reliability will keep them there...

  12. I agree and will add Caracal needs to offer their pistol in .40 along with better sights and interchangeable backstraps.
  13. I handled one today.
    It felt like an evolved Glock 19.
    I liked it a lot! May have to get one and soon before someone decides they're priced too low!
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    I got to shoot JJ's full size Caracal today. Very nice gun. I found it odd that when I first gripped it, I was pointing high. This, from someone used to shooting a GLOCK. this gun has an interesting grip. However, the grip was comfortable and easy to get used to. This gun was all stock with the exception of different front sight and some skateboard tape.

    Between the match, and a couple of us giving it a test drive, the gun went through 200+ rounds without a hiccup.
  15. The grip is one of the things I like about the Caracal. I shoot CZ, Sig , beretta. So for me the grip feels less aggressive than a Glock

    Not picking on you, just different strokes for diffrent folks
  16. BuckyP

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    Why would I think you are picking on me? :wavey:

    Just said it pointed high on first handling. There is a lot to like about the grip.
  17. Too many years on General Glocking :rofl: :wavey:
  18. I really do see that happening. I'm just amazed the prices haven't gone up...

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