Cannot keep gun steady

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  1. I am trying to keep pistol steady but it wobbles. I push forward with right hand and pull back with left. Keep a fairly soft grip. I keep both arms straight. I hum during firing to keep from breathing. Any suggestions or web sites to show a better way?

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  3. I have the same problem, practice, practice, practice. Try rolling shoulders forward and slightly breaking elbows. Do NOT anticipate when the wobble will be on target, that encourages "snatching" the trigger. Squeeze when you're close and you will be surprised at the increased accuracy....................DOC

  4. Thanks.
  5. I usually shoot on out breathe , shrug shoulders , bend elbows & relax . Don't anticipate the shot , just let it happen .
  6. US Army Field Manual 23-25, and practice practice practice. Good luck!
  7. Either pick up the book on shooting by Alan Egusa or take a class from or

    You don't shoot effectively with bullseye, Weaver, modified Weaver FBI squat, or two arms straight out and expect consistency or accuracy.

    You need an understanding of human ergonomics. Turnipseed teaches it as well as Egusa.

    Practice, practice, practice is unavailing when you are doing things are ergonomically incorrect.

    Whether it is martial arts, dance, professional boxing, baseball, football or shooting, you need an understanding of ergonomics.

    Can you shoot and reload while running? You cannot do it with the stances I indicated above. So take the time and learn a stance that is good walking, running, or standing still.:wavey:
  8. Proper breathing helps. Take your shot at the natural pause that occurres before you inhale and exhale.
    How I shoot bullseye targets is as follows. Proper grip, stance and sight picture. Inhale and the gun will rise as you do. Exhale and pause at the bottom of your breath, your sights should have settled back on target. Then press the trigger.
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  9. ArtCrafter

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    @ MarkBar

    The 'natural pause' might occur elsewhere in your normal breathing cycle, or it might seem like there isn't one.

    Otherwise, I think Vinnie's advice is spot-on: Breath control is important to accurate shooting.

    JMO, but 'humming' is probably not the best technique.

    Most would probably say holding your breath is best; I would just add that exactly how and when you hold it is up to you.
  10. FM 23-25 comes up as "Bayonet."

    Correct cite?
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  12. ArtCrafter corrected me, 23-35. (Thanks!) I should have looked it up.

    But now that I think about it, 23-25 sounds like fun too!
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  13. I have read your post and hope to get to Phenix this summer. I wish they offered the class east of the Mississippi. I purchased the book and am working through it. Very helpful. What i have been able to put into practice is immeasurably helpful. Still, it is hard to practice when you cannot find Ammo. Please keep in touch. Thanks.
  14. cut back on the caffeine

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