Canned hams.

Discussion in 'Survival/Preparedness Forum' started by davesretired1, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. Looking for a site to order some canned hams from. I would prefer the smaller size, around 1 lb. Can't seem to find them except around Xmas time. Tried all the supermarkets and Sam's Club to no avail. Any suggestions would be appreciated. TIA. Dave

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  2. G29Reload

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    You can find DAK Hams at WM and such.

    I started an epic DAK ham thread here some time ago that was legend. Much applause all around, apparently every bit as popular as SPAM.


    Spam is also a great bomb shelter food. Keeps forever. calorie rich, fattening, but that's not a problem in hard times.

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  3. I've ordered DAK or DAK like hams from

    You really need to find the thread mentioned above. It was fantastic.
  4. quake

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    +1 on the DAK. They're small enough to be convenient, last a VERY long time past the "use by" date, and can at times be had at sale prices for stocking up. IIRC, the last ones I bought were a dollar apiece, but to that was admittedly a fluke, when a store was relocating.

    Walmart's online store even ships free on a lot of items, which can save hassle & sales tax both.
  5. kirgi08

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    We've got cases of Hereford hams.1lb and full of fat/protein.Spam is good also,however we like the "turkey" version of spam.'08.
  6. Anyone try Goya canned ham yet. It looks very similar.
  7. G29Reload

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    As much as Goya has some tasty products, I've avoided them for years now as they've been a major immigration law violator and have been busted numerous times for hiring fencejumpers in their plants. Refuse to support them. I do miss the black beans and rice meals they sell though. Make my own now.
  8. One of my local Walmarts carries the DAK hams on-the-shelf (same aisle as the Spam, canned meat spreads, tuna, etc.).

    One of the local Walgreens stores has Celebrity hams (very similar to DAK, 12 ounces) on-the-shelf. When they go on sale I always buy a few (last seen on-sale a couple of weeks ago).
  9. Stevekozak

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    I got excited when I saw a new canned ham thread! That DAK thread was epic! :) Walmart sells Dak. I think here in the south, a store chain named Dollar General carries some other brand of 1 lb canned ham regularly.
  10. I have a bunch of the Walgreens Celebrity brand canned hams that I bought on sale 2/$5 last year. I think they are smaller than the DAK hams at only 12oz, and I may have read they are made at the same place. I noticed they have about 75% less fat than Spam brand. I also have Spam too if I'm craving more fat calories with survival rice n beans.

    The hams I bought last year are dated Dec 2015
  11. I have been buying these at Walmart too and putting them away. :supergrin:
  12. We stock them, and some other commercially canned meats. We have eaten them 10 years old, no problem, and I have eaten canned ham that I KNOW was over 20 years old at the time, in C rats, where just fine.
  13. G29Reload

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    Scored 6 tonight at the CVS…

    2 / for $4!!!!!!!

    $2 bucks apiece is about half price and cheaper than a can of SPAM!

    I took all 6 on the shelf. Cleared em out. Damn if I didn't think to check when I went in for something else when I thought of this thread.


    It was fun watching the register tick back from 38 bucks to 12 and change…they usually sell them for $5.39 apiece.
  14. I might have to check there, too...

    heckuva price! :thumbsup:
  15. kirgi08

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    They are a multi use meat,all 3 meals.'08.
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  17. FireForged

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    DAK is foreign meat isnt it? Where does it come from? It wouldnt matter to me in a actual survival situation but I typically eat from my stroage pantry on a regular basis and dont like to eat meat from outside the USA when I can manage it.
  18. G29Reload

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    Says USDA inspected.

    Even if its from Denmark or something, that's not like it came from some skanky South American country. Its cool.

    Don't just rely on the CVS website. Go in the stores to check it locally cause what I saw yesterday in markdown isn't on the site. Its a per store thing i think.
  19. kirgi08

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    A lot of canned ham or parboiled beef comes from S/A.'08.
  20. G29Reload

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    Argentine grass fed beef is pretty good.

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