Can a Muslim be a "good" American

Discussion in 'Religious Issues' started by IGotIt, Sep 29, 2012.

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  1. M'kay. Enjoy the dying of your mythology. It's happening all around you.

    And people like me are the ones killing it.

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  2. Don't really want to waste the time, but...Without their religion (certainly overheated by certain indivduals/poverty/young men's egos willing to fight against western "injustice") there would be very little mid-east generated attacks on western targets such as innocent women & children. And really sir, is there any other religion that is even anywhere close in conducting themselves in such a violent manner? And that is all the time I have...

  3. Yes. Christianity and Judaism. Not at present of course. But there have been gallons upon gallons of blood spilled over both.
  4. It's not their religion that attacked us. It's fanatics. The Vietnamese were as violent and for the same reason. How many times were attacked by Muslims before we put troops in their countries? We really need to mind our own business and stop sticking our nose in where it doesn't belong.
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    I agree with most of that but take exception to the first sentence. Their religion is a huge part of it. Name me another religion that as practiced today inspires the same level of hate and violence through out the world.

    I am no fan of religion, in fact I take issue with all of them in some shape, form or fashion. To pretend that Islam today is the same as Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, etc... is not only dishonest it is delusional.
  6. I'm not a fan of Islam, but Islam didn't attack us. There are billions of Muslims who mind their own business and who do not want a war with us.
  7. Here we see classic symptoms of the mass insanity known as liberalism that has infected a large portion of the modern Western populace.

    -Mohammed was a prophet of war
    -the Koran is a book of war
    -Islam is a religion of war (just ask Thomas Jefferson. He had to send in the Marines to stop Muslims attacking American ships and enslaving our sailors)
    -9/11 was just one of countless Islamic attacks against us, that are still ongoing, both overt and covert
  8. You have it! I am discussing the present day reality of the world in which you and I live - today, the next day, and all of the days after that, ok? Have a great weekend!
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  9. As far back as the early 1970's. Have a great weekend!
  10. I get that you are only concerned in the time span in which you can label only muslims as evil. My point is that Religion in its entirety has been damaging to mankind as a whole.
  11. Fact: Yhvh was the God of War. By your reasoning Muslims are worshipping the true God.
  12. IMHO that applies to anybody that considers his religion, politics or group identity more important than his citizenship.
    During the Manhattan project a lot of commies felt that it was their duty to give the plans to the Soviets.
  13. Do you mean when they overthrew our puppet government in Iran?
  14. No, when they started slaughtering people in aircraft, nightclubs, shopping centers, ect.... And you take care. No time left for you.
  15. I do have a degree in history, and realize what you mean, but events of the past exhibit no danger to I, or my family and friends in today's world. Fanatical Muslims do, my friend. Cheers.
  16. Whether they are Germans in WWII or Vietnamese or Palestinians, it is natural to attack your enemy, especially invaders.
    Many Americans, Germans and Japanese WWII veterans developed strong friendships later even though they were at each others throats during the war.
    I believe that unless we listen to G. Washington that told us to avoid foreign entanglements and alliances we will be fighting perpetual wars for foreign interests and the foreign wars will hit home just like they did on 9/11.
    Given the state of our economy, we will ruin our country besides getting our young killed.
    Wars affect countries on both sides, we are still experiencing the effects of the Vietnam war.
  17. I would agree that other religious groups (Today) do not currently pose as great a threat to our physical safety. However the Christian Majority in this country does want, and attempts to legislate their religion as law in this nation on a regular basis. Given that religious numbers are slipping everyday and religion is dying out in this nation... perhaps one day when that majority becomes a minority and those most extreme amongst that minority feel their idealism is fading away... we might just see more Christian Bombers.

    My point is that whenever religion is present, the fuel for extremism, zealotry, and terrorism exists.
  18. Firstly; More Christian bombers? Oh yes, that one fellow way back in 1994. And yes, those multitudes of rioting, burning, and murdering Christians following the release of a Jesus oriented film/cartoon/piece of "art" (please see "Piss Christ") may certainly increase in the future. Sorry for the seemingly mocking of your ideas - I do not intend that. I am not really all that holy, just see the Muslims as containing so many more followers - than ANY other religious group - that do not get along well with opponents of their ideas. Take Care - you argued with intellegence and grace. And...I am wearing my G36 as I type this at the library.
  19. ...or flying saucers with death rays:upeyes:.

    In the real world, we have seen violent leftists: the communist Weather Underground bombed government buildings and banks in the 1970s, did a jailbreak for drug guru Timothy Leary, did riots, bombed the Capitol (1971), Pentagon (1972) and state Dept (1975) in support of Vietnamese communists, who were fighting our forces at the time. The lefty Symbionese Liberation Army did bank robberies, 2 murders, and kidnapped Patty Hearst. Lefty animal rights radicals have done arson, bombings and vandalism to the tune of 100 million or more in damage. And more...

    Face it, wherever the Left or Islam are present, "the fuel for extremism, zealotry, and terrorism exists".
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    I would agree that there are vast numbers of Muslims that don't want any beef with us but while we may not have been attacked by Islam we were attacked by Muslims. There is some reason that no other religion today has anywhere close to the number of followers that want and attempt to do us and others harm that Islam does.

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