Can a Colt Detective Sp handle +P ammo?

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  1. I found a 1994 Detective Special new in the box for sale. I am very interested in purchasing it and I would love to use it for carry this summer.

    Can it handle +P ammo ?

    What ammo and holster would you recommend for carry ?

    Thanks !
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  3. G33

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    Practice with regular.
    End with a cylinder of +P.
    Carry +P.
  4. I have read the same as above. My pick would be what was most accurate. Corbon DPX, Spear Gold Dot 135G. or Hornady Critical Defense.
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    I'd carry Federal 125 gr Nyclad HPs (standard pressure) and practice with 148 gr wad cutters. Carry in any kind of a pancake type holster that will keep it close to your body. Learn to float those bunny-loads into the target with precision and fear no evil. Carry 2 speedloaders.

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