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Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by flynlead, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. Almost came home with a g27 but then a small voice in my head started talking g29. I would like to have a 10mm but think it may be too much for cc, don't want it to penetrate too much and end up injury an innocent person if that situation ever came about. What are your thoughts for cc with a 10mm?

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  2. A mid to full power 10mm IS too much for self-defense against the main ingredient of Soylent Green (people), IMO. But you can always down load it to .40S&W power. But why live with the increased size and weight of the gun?

    Get the 27.

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  3. Taterhead

    Taterhead Counting Beans

    If the size is not an issue, go with the 29. It can do anything a 27 can, but you have room to move up to a nice trail gun too. Quite a few deer are being taken by 10mms these days. The point is that you will gain a lot of versatility with the 29. All of the virtues of a 40 with a lot more top end performance if desired.

    A lot of factory 10mm loads are down loaded to just above 40 S&W strength. 175 gr Silvertips are a nice mid-strength SD load. I personally carry a 10mm with warm 165 gr Gold Dot. I am not worried about "excessive penetration." I am more worried about errant shots.

    Offerings from Buffalo Bore or Underwood really make a 10mm pistol bark.

    The 29 realily accepts all manner of conversion barrels too: 40, 357 Sig, 9X25 Dillon, extended length hunting barrels. The 29 is one of the most versatile platforms ever made.

    The versatility comes with a cost. Factory ammo is pricey. Georgia Arms has pretty good prices for legit 10mm loadings. Underwood looks very promising for full-powered SD loads. A 40 drop-in conversion barrel can help here for lower-cost range time. It will use the same G29 or G20 mags. I am a handloader, so price is equivalent to 40.

    Shooting a full-strength 10mm is a lot of fun. I run mine in IDPA matches. I down load to hot 40 S&W strength, but I also have a nice trail gun for the Idaho backcountry when I switch ammo.
  4. I love my G29, but had to have the grip reduced because of my small hands. If I was only purchasing one gun, I would go Compact/ Sub Compact 9, 40, 357. They are easier to carry for SD. If you also want to hunt with your SD gun and the grip fits you go with the G29. I have a 4.5" Storm Lake 10mm barrel in my G29 and I get the same ballistics as the G20 in a smaller package. To tell you the truth, I worry that if I had to use my G29 in a SD shooting and used full bore 10mm ammo, how that may be perceived.
  5. So will a g29 convert to a 40, 9 and 357 Sig?

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  6. Taterhead

    Taterhead Counting Beans

    The 29 will convert with drop-in barrels to all of the spawn of the 10mm auto. All will use the G29 or G20 mags:

    • .40 S&W yes
    • .357 Sig yes.
    • 9x25 Dillon (10mm necked to 9mm) yes
    • 9mm Luger no (sort of). There have been some conversion products, but mixed results have been reported due to differences in rim and case diameter. So not really.
    My preference would be to skip the 40 conversion and instead use the money toward a reloading setup. 10mm is a very fun round to load for. Energies from the 300s to 750+ lb/ft.
  7. OP, word to the wise: before you buy a 10mm it is better to shoot someone else's beforehand.
  8. Thanks for the info

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  9. My brother has a g20 and have shot it many times. I have a g22 which I will have barrels for 9,40,357sig so I was hoping to get all of those plus the 10 in a carry gun

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  10. Taterhead

    Taterhead Counting Beans

    Yep. And in my experience it has been all that's needed to make a check mark in the "yes" column.
  11. they're both nice guns

    27= more comfortable to carry and a very good self defense gun (this would be my choice for concealed carry) The more comfortable it is to carry... the more you'll bring it along.

    29= you can get a longer barrel & have a hunting/hiking rig. You can carry milder shelf ammo for it for 2 legged threats or shoot 230grainers for the woods. Getting a reloading rig just for a 10mm pistol is not the way to go and would take forever to break even. Just buy premium 10mm rounds from and you'll be fine.

  12. If it weren't for the behemoth grip I'd own one. Even in the SF (Still Fat) config. it's just too big for most people IMO. Glock would sell a helluva lot more if they made a 10mm on the G37/G38 idea.
  13. Damn I hate making this decision. I may just get the 27 and convert my 1911 to a 10mm

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  14. if you load it right, a G29 will make your index finger go numb in four shots.
  15. The perfect solution to your dilemma is the G30. It shoots softer than either 27 or 29, delivers a large potent caliber that shouldn't overpenetrate, is cheap to operate and known for it's accuracy. It's not quite as easy to carry as the 27 but exactly the same form factor as the 29 so....
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  16. There is absolutely no reason the 10mm is "too powerful" for self defense.

    1) It is an inaccurate generalization to say that all 10mm ammo over-penetrates. There are plenty of loads available that will penetrate no more than standard service-caliber defensive loads. However, at the top end of the power spectrum, they are still capable of a notably greater amount of tissue damage within that same depth of penetration.

    2) Acknowledging the truth of the above statements, how could a load be too powerful?

    3) FWIW, there has never been a single case where a bullet passed through an attacker and wounded a bystander. I am all for preparing for the "what ifs," but AFAIK it has literally never even been documented.
    It was just a gimmick that PDs used in order to justify their initial switch to Hollow-Points; "we need these to make sure a bullet doesn't pass through an strike someone else!!!"

    I used to carry a .44mag Raging Bull with loads designed to penetrate about 15-16" in gel, but which would obviously do a great deal more damage within that depth than my current 9mm, for example.

  17. #3 Check with Massad Ayoob; he has dealt with several cases where bullets did go through the BG and did strike others, one being a LEO that was killed in a shoot out when a fellow officer shot through the BG & Killed his own friend. If your round is going "15-16" in gel" how far will it go through a human body if it doesn't strike bone?
  18. I can't make the determination for you but I will tell you my opinion.

    I've never been a big .40S&W fan although I don't question it's versatility and effectiveness. I just can't acquire a liking for the strong muzzle flip and recoil.

    If it was my choice and the G-29 fit my hand (I've never seen one) I'd opt for that pistol because I could carry my favorite self-defense caliber --- .357sig --- and have the 10mm option for serious woods carry. If I had lived in California when I bought my Glock I might very well have gone for the G-29 and carried hardcast FMJ ammo for outdoors carry against wild animals.

    All I've read about 10mm is that it's recoil is more like .357sig than the .40S&W, albeit a tad more robust.

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