Calling all S&W 340 owners- Chime in

Discussion in 'The Snubbie Club' started by coltm4a3, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Yep, full house Speer 125 gr GDHP .357 mag loads. Expired a skunk with it a couple of weeks ago, a bit after sundown and it puts out a fair amount of flash. Puts a grin on my face pullin' the trigger.
    Carry the 340PD when clothing won't let me carry my G29, another grin maker.


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  2. I own and carry the slightly heavier (approx 2oz) M&P 340 instead of the PD.

    I can accurately & rapidly shoot Magnum loads in mine ... but I choose to carry +P loads in it.


    Because I can shoot the gun with various +P loads faster and more controllably than when using the Magnum loads.

    FWIW, I'd have bought the M&P 340 even if it had only been chambered in .38 +P. I bought it simply for the stronger Scandium aluminum frame and the front XS night sight. I looked at it as a sort of "improved" version of my 642 that I might be able to subject to more usage than the 642. I'm going to try and wear it out.

  3. bdcremer

    bdcremer The No SpinZone

    No, the 340 is not comfortable to shoot with full 357 mag. loads. However, I like the power to weight ratio this revolver provides.

  4. Fireman1291

    Fireman1291 Firefighter/EMT

    Just bought a 340PD new from the budspolicesupply today. Can't wait to get her in! And I already ordered ammo, clipdraw and 5rd flat speed loaders. Its gonna be sweet not wearing a rig during summer in FL!
  5. Sbh87

    Sbh87 Handgunner

    That's one fine looking firearm you got there but I have to agree with you firing 357s out of that is not a fun day. Rented one at the Smith and Wesson range and gave it back after five rounds traded to a 686 plus to finish up the remaining ammo I had. When I eventually got a snubbie of my own I went with the 640 so I could shoot 357 more comfortably.
  6. Since this thread was last active (prior to today), I've picked up a second M&P 340.

    I've come to like the M&P 340 that much. ;)

    This latest one is the new variation that doesn't have the ILS (lock).

    While I'll probably still occasionally carry the original one as I rotate through my various J's, I plan to use it increasingly as my "range beater". Might as well try to see if I can wear it out.
  7. Chup

    I have a Ruger LCR. I can shoot all the 357 I want with no pain. Thats what I practice with thats what I carry. The Smith is a better looking gun. The Ruger delivers.
  8. Nice to see this old thread resurrected.

    Since it was put to sleep I´ve been doing more and more 38 special +P shooting in it. I use the good ol Chicago or FBI load. 158 gr. LSWHP from Remington. The superior lead quality keeps the revolver very clean, it is manageable, and a hell of a load.

    Like I said before, I can´t handle magnum loads very well in this lightweight revolver. The marginal added velocity is not worth the extra blast and uncontrollability. IMHO of course.

    For those of you shooting magnum loads, could you post real chronoed data of velocities obtained with bullet weights out of this snub or similar ?
  9. Coming from you, that is a great endorsement for the M&P 340!
    I have long wanted a 340...but like many of reality gets in the way!
    I have often considered going to a concealed carry regimen that consists of a 340 IWB with a 442 in front pocket.
    10 rounds of .38+P is a solid defensive tool...
  10. I really hope you can stash away the bucks for a 340 some day friend, you'll not regret it and will love the little one more and more as time goes by.

    I have the 340PD with a High Viz green front optic pipe, and M&P 340 with a Crimson Trace and XS dot tritium front.

    Edited: It is said about these little ones "carried often, shot little", but I find myself shooting the 340's more often than not. I love the challenge they pose with my 38 spl +P's.

    I never use both at the same time but your idea of two snubs is not bad. Front pocket carry ? you might want the lighter gun there all by itself.
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  11. The reason I like the M&P 340 enough to have picked up the second one is because I've had the chance to do quite a bit of shooting using my first one, along with my other J's (5 others), and I've found the XS front night sight to offer a faster sight acquisition (when I take the time to pick up the front sight). It's handy and fast to use.

    My other J's have a mix of the older/narrow and newer/wide front post ramps, and a couple colors of sight paint (orange/red & white), so they work pretty well. It's just that the standard size XS front dot sight is much easier & faster to pick up, and it centers very well into the U-shaped rear notch, making it easier to avoid letting the front sight unintentionally rise and lift the POI.

    I think S&W got the sight setup just right on the M&P's.

    Besides, once they released the new M&P 340 without the ILS, it gave me enough reason to pick up another one. ;)

    The weight difference between the 442/642 and the M&P isn't a lot, but it is noticeable when it comes to pocket carry. The Ti/Sc guns are even lighter (like the PD's), but I just never got too interested in the guns with the titanium cylinders. Talk about light pocket carry, though ... they can virtually disappear, weight-wise.

    I've not often carried a couple J's at the same time, but I've done it. Special circumstances, so to speak.

    If I wasn't an older revolver shooter, and didn't enjoy somewhat of a strong foundation of a revolver skillset, I probably wouldn't be carrying the J's so much. I do enjoy shooting them, though, and I like keeping my revolver skills current. I spent my fair share of time having to wear a full-size or compact pistol on-duty every day, so now that I'm retired I enjoy being able to carry a smaller & lighter variety of retirement weapons.

    Sure, sometimes I'll carry one of my assorted full-size, compact or sub-compact pistols (and I have a number of them in 9, .40 & ,45), but more often than not it's one of my J's that gets the nod ... and the M&P has even replaced my well-liked 642-1's as the most commonly chosen model.

    I'm still kicking around picking up a nickel M40, just to add another steel frame to my collection, and I really miss an older nickel M36 3" w/heavy barrel I foolishly let slip away. That little 3" J handled and fired just about as well as my issued 686 4" of that time (although it was a belt holster gun for me, which is probably why I let it go when one of the guys tempted me to sell it to him many years ago).

    Well, anyway, it was nice to see this older lightweight J thread topic resurrected. ;)

    Hard to beat the variety of J's for their intended roles.
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  12. jwhite75

    jwhite75 Gubmint Worker

  13. My day has finally come!
    Got a brand new 340 M&P (NO LOCK) on order with Bud's Gun shop, and it should ship any day now!
    Haven't figured out how to break the news to my wife yet...
    concealed is concealed..I hope!

    Full range report to follow!
    Now I am back to all revolvers for ccw.
    My S&W 66 snub and now the 340 j-frame
    Wheelguns rule!


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