California gen 4 question?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by richie3888, Feb 15, 2010.

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    Exactly, I bought a Gen 4 G19 and Gen 4 G17 this year via SSE and they are both listed on my CA CCW. For those that do not know, some CA counties limit you to 3 firearms on your CCW here.

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  2. Screeech!!!!! Whoa... That store is without a doubt, one of the two worst gun stores I have ever been to... Unless they got rid of that hypocritical thief pot-smoking cellulite packing liar with the SS tattoo on his arm, my assessment stands. I have plenty of my own reasons, but if you must find out for yourself, check Yelp! Last I checked, it was a bit dated, but the negative comments mirrored my own experiences.

    Good stores are J&R in Livermore, Reed's in Santa Clara, Valkyrie in Santa Clara (formerly in Milpitas...and they do Single Shot Exemptions), Bay Area Gun Vault in Mountain View, City Arms East in Pleasant Hill, Targetmasters in Milpitas, and some others of which I will remember later.

    Canyon used to be good...but that was a long time ago.

  3. Dude? Are you serious? Comparing the climate of South Flordia to (southern) California? Are you serious. We don't even know what humidity is.
  4. Glock2366 is absolutely right about that! I forgot about making them single shot. It's just a block in the magwell or a mag that won't squish down. You just have to find a dealer who will do it.

    You can also do a private party transfer. Like Glock2366 said, it can be someone who bought the Gen4 out of state. But also be sure that that person has a valid form of ID to show residence in CA. If a guy from NV drives a gun to CA to do a private party transfer, he will have wasted his time, because PPTs are a CA thing, and only for people with CA IDs or CDLs or Military ID with permanent station orders on hand to do it. Private party transfers are also consignment sales.

    THere is also one other possibility: if you know a peace officer who is willing to sell you his or her off-roster handgun in a private party transfer, it's good. You just have to find a peace officer who wants to part with one ;-) There's the hard part :) WHo wants to get rid of their Gen4 ????
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    I only mentioned my experience with SSE, I never suggested buying from someone who brought it from out of state to sell here.
    The Gen 4 G17 I bought last month was from MTG Firearms in Elk Grove, CA and they are set up to SSE Gen 4 Glocks legally.

    In SSE form:


  6. Hi, Glock2366 :) I totally agreed with you. You didn't say anything wrong or inaccurate :) Sometimes, though, I clarify, because some people WOULD end up doing the PPT incorrectly, and it could cause a lot of heartache. I.e., I had a guy bring a gun from out of NV to sell to his friend in CA, and I had to turn him away :( I felt terrible, but I couldn't do it.

    That SSE Glock was wild! So, I'm a bit foggy... was it the long barrel that made it okay, and the magazine is normal? Or what was up with that? Looks like it would be fun to try :supergrin:

    You guns are lovely :)
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    The barrel, blocked magazine that only holds one round and heavily altered mag release that needed a tool.
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  8. Don't count on that. The DOJ approvals have expiration dates. Even if a Gen3 were resubmitted at that point it would fail since it too Would have to meet the then current rules to be recertified. Given them racheting up the requirements and the expiration dates, eventually very few handguns will qualify to be sold in CA, which is the whole idea.
  9. As they expire off the list, they'll be gone too.

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