California gen 4 question?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by richie3888, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. Does anybody know when the gen 4 glocks are going to be legal in California?

    I called all the gun shops around my area and they all told me "All gen 4 glocks are not legal in california and we dont know when its going to become legal."

    I was just checking if anybody knows the answer in here because i was about to buy the gen 3 glock 19 but was thinking i should just wait for the gen 4 to come out. What do you guys think i should do? Wait or just go buy the gen 3 now?

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  3. TRX450R_Racer

    TRX450R_Racer Punisher

    Why aren't they legal in CA?

  4. Because if you so much as change the finish on a pistol, it has to go through the whole DOJ approval process to get on the "safe gun" list again. I doubt the Gen4 is going to get approved in CA in any event. As of Jan 1, new guns for approval have to have a magazine safety which Glocks don't have.

    Best just get the Gen3.

    My condolences to the OP for having to live there.
  5. Yes, it's up in the air on whether they will be approved or not.

    Get a Gen 3 or Gen 2 for now...

  6. i asked the same question from 2 local gunshop owners here in san francisco , and the both had said the same thing that there iz a ban hold on them due to the double coil spring . But of the store owners had contacted a glock rep. And said that it waz goin through some court issues and that the gen 4 should be available in california somewhere late april or in may hopefully .
  7. TRX450R_Racer

    TRX450R_Racer Punisher

    That's just ridiculous.
  8. thanks. hopefully I could wait that long for the gen 4. What gun shop did you go to? I live in Richmond and I usually have to go all the way to target masters.
  9. city arms located in pacifica . They have some of the best guns that i saw besides fishing & guns located in vacaville .
  10. crazyrec12

    crazyrec12 cornbread

    Jeez Kalifoniaaaaaaaa is so dumb....can't wait to move there in 5 months and get the scoop of poop firsthand.
  11. I bet cali criminals have Gen 4.
  12. Bowtie

    Bowtie NRA MEMBER

    The guys who work in Vacaville are a bunch of freakin morons..
  13. I bet your right.
  14. i already know bro. Lol lol you should`ve heard them when i asked "which glock would they perfer the g22 or the g23 ........ And the answer i got from them........... I f`n hate glocks i would perfer the feel of real steel in my hands !! And i waz like whoa ! I`m just askin bout ur opinion not a that answer ! And the guy looked at me and just pulled both out 4 me 2 choose and he said nothing else ! Lol lol so i just eneded up grabbing the used g23 from them that waz already moded out for $499 and thats the last time i`m goin there !!! Lol lol lol
  15. Bowtie

    Bowtie NRA MEMBER

    They like to tell customers the Glock is a safety hazard and push the XD real hard..
  16. yeah that place is a trip . If they are buggin bout glocks they shouldn`t even be sellin it then ! Lol lol . Now i found a real kool spot in pacifica city arms they have some real good guns and long guns also with some real kool prices . And the enviroment is totally kool and they are real good folks !you should go peep them out if you haven`t yet . You`ll like what they have in stock .
  17. With all the non sense that state has going on , what possible reason would you want to live their!!!
  18. i`m sorry 2 say it but.........its home sweet home ! Lol lol
  19. bentbiker

    bentbiker NRA Member

    Your high temp today was 28? Ours had the numbers transposed -- 82. Not trying to convince you of anything -- just answering your question.

  20. I love where I live but hate all the rules. It's just sucks to wait for something that other people already have. I just have to live with it. I just tried callIng city arms but they're not open on Sunday and Mondays. I'll try again tomorrow

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