CAI M92 PAP: what stock?

Discussion in 'The Kalashnikov Klub' started by Tippyman, Oct 2, 2012.

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  2. I would drill and tap 2 holes in the rear of the receiver then attach this

    Then an AR receiver extension topped off w/ an AR style stock. You can also use the folding mech. in conjunction.

  3. Pretty much the same idea: drill and tap two holes to install this:

    Then add any ACE stock of my choice.

    Now I just need to see if the inside of the trunnion area will allow nuts to go on the bolts that hold the stock on, or if it will be just the threads I tap into the trunnion holding the stock on.
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  4. Rick305


    I've heard they are not SBR'able due to location of the serial #.

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  5. HWI


    It's mostly underfolders that would be the issue. The hinge mechanism on the left side would cover the serial number.
  6. That's one reason I don't want an underfolder. You'd have to drill right through the serial number.

    I'm thinking drilling/bolting or welding on an adapter will be the best option. I just want it to be sturdy as hell.
  7. Did it to a Draco, you'll be fine.

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  8. I know the draco is different, but if i get a bolt all the way through is there room for a nut on the inside?
  9. No need for a nut, use Loctite. I have done it on the Draco and a Saiga. I've taken the Draco through a carbine class and let a buddy do the same w/o issue.

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  10. I also did it to a Draco but it has a strait cut at the rear. The PAP has a slight angle, how will this affect the fit? The rear of the Draco was really thick and did well drilling and tapping.
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    According to this thread, the slant on the back of the receiver was preffered to straight back.
  12. Slant, like what you'd find on a milled receiver? You want everything to be inline. It helps recoil control and handling.

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  13. I was going to do an ACE ultralight stock, and when it is mounted at a perfect straight line the guy in that thread said it was uncomfortable and preferred a slight downward slant, and added a shim to achieve that.

    Most factory AK's have a slight downward angle to their stocks:


    Whereas the ACE ultralight mounted on a flat-backed receiver would look like this:


    So, he added an angled shim to match the factory angle:


    It's not an AK, but you get the idea. A slight angle may not be a bad thing is all I'm saying.
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  14. It's a VZ58. I have one. They are great shooters.

    If you like the angle then go w/ it but the reasons I gave for it not being optimal were from a functional standpoint. Function is the priority for me.
  15. I'll have to get the pistol in hand to see how severe the angle is.

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