CA police chief "Gun is not defensive weapon"

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  1. Emoryville is a joke. All it has is an Ikea and it is the east end of tha Bay Bridge. His department can fit in two patrol cars.

  2. There's a chief not in touch with reality.
  3. He is in CA need we say more.
  4. What he said.
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    I almost signed on with Emeryville PD, passed the written and physical. Did a ride along that showed me their patrol area was a Denny's, Ikea, card club and boat house. The cops at the patrol level were stand up guys but the admin side :puking: . Got my letter to complete the background. Decided moving out the area and finishing my degree was a better choice. Glad I dont work for that idiot.

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  8. The press seeks out those that best fits into their agenda. This guy is dancing to the tune played by the press.

    Now, considering that defensive tools can be used offensively, his argument will find a willing audience.

    The chief just needs a better understanding of conflict.
  9. So what is he saying, that police officers have guns to show power and dominance over civilians?
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    Of course a gun is defensive ...

    ... against people who use a gun to intimidate and show power .... :supergrin:

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    As a guy who deals with police liability, I'd be a little worried about a chief who thinks his officers carry "an offensive weapon used to intimidate and to show power."

    That guy is &^%$#@! nuts.
  12. This police chief is telling you exactly why he carries a gun. He carries to intimidate citizens and he likes the feeling of power he gets from carrying it. I liked the look of the mature thin woman behind him. Her look shows she's thinking WTF is he talking about. I don't think she agrees with what he is saying.
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    Emeryville, Ca. sits between Oakland and Berkeley - contrasting influences.

    Richmond, Ca., well, some people tell me it has changed positively since I was there 30 years ago. Others say it is still the same hell-hole.
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    Yep...not good.
  15. They grow a lot of nuts and fruits in California.

    It's "The land of sun-baked people and half-baked ideas"

  16. Man...That is one scary police chief, right there... :shocked:

    ...And some left-leaning people think that only "professionals" like him should have firearms? :headscratch:

    ...Which also brings to mind that "professional" BATF agent and his Glock...


  17. Some use a gun, some their mouth.
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    I also never saw a small town police chief who thought he was a 4-star General - those stars on his shoulders should tell you you're dealing with a nut.
  19. I always wondered about that. Just like that anti-gun police chief in those Senate hearings. What's with the stars?

    A 1 star general in the army rules over, what, a thousand guys? Anyone know the numbers?

    Anyway, it should be a law that police officers can't wear a star unless they have 1 thousand officers reporting to them.

    It should also be a law that they can't have high cap mags and AR's unless civilians can.

    I joined the NRA, have you yet?

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