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C.O.P. Ammo

Discussion in 'GATE Self-Defense Forum' started by G26AZ, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. G26AZ


    Aug 16, 2001
    Hey Mas - thanks for all the good info you share with us folks.

    Yesterday, I noticed in a catalog a brand of ammo called C.O.P. (Copper Only Projectile). I normally carry the CorBon DPX ammo, but as I'msure you know-it's very expensive. THe C.O.P. ammo in the .45 acp 185 gr loading was almost exactly one-half the price of the DPX brand.

    Have you gotten any feedback on this brand of ammo? Have you personally tried it? I was thinking of using it for practice, sighting, etc., and saving the DPX for actual carry. . .

    Have you had any experieince of heard anything about this brand of ammunition?

  2. Mas Ayoob

    Mas Ayoob KoolAidAntidote Moderator

    Nov 6, 2005
    Haven't any experience with it, couldn't tell you a thing about it.

    Might want to try posting in Caliber Corner.

    Sorry I couldn't be more help,