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  1. I just got tagged again yesterday myself. Oh well, I earned it.

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  2. No kidding. I have read a lot of insults and name calling by a bunch of internet tough guys. Talk about the pussification of the American male. Some people just cant debate properly.:dunno:

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  3. JAS104

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    I've got one before... We all have. Ill admit I deserved it. Eric is just trying to keep this place civil, don't worry about it.

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  4. rhikdavis

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    Say it ain't so.

    Tonight we riot.

    Well, as much as you can riot online.
  5. Paul53

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    I guess the point I was trying to make is that a site that so strongly supports the second amendment trounces the first a bit liberally. It's a private site and they can do what they want, still it's ironic to pick and choose which amendments to back and which to ignore.
  6. Hey!!!! I'm not that bad, it's only my second in a year. :embarassed:

    :rofl: :rofl:

    But yeah, tonight we riot.

    <<< gets another beer from the Fridge. :cheers:
  7. well now , I see my services are requires , but oncet again..! :shocked: GIT YOUR ANUS BACK HERE , PLEASE ..!

    What has happened in my time out.? Where have all the good people's gone.?

    I shall talk to myself again..! :shocked::shocked::shocked:
  8. Typical Eric acting as our government trying to take away our freedom.

    :D :lol:

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  9. Do I detect a crown..? :shocked: all hail to thee queen and that crap-eth..? Eeeek..! :shocked:

    One for thee gipper...:tongueout:
  10. DiNKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. J. Lo will miss you.
  12. OSSI

    OSSI Litter Kitty


  13. Dalton Wayne

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    Is Miss Kitty a mod again, she gave out infractions like it was trick or treat candy:wow:
  14. :thisthreadisSTILLworthlesswithoutDinky:

  15. kirgi08

    kirgi08 Southern Rogue.
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    Someone bake some cookies,he'll come running.'08.
  16. Blast

    Blast 'nuff said

    Got cake


  17. kirgi08

    kirgi08 Southern Rogue.
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    You just hada go clown on folk.'08. :sad:
  18. Eeeek..! Night Marist cookis..!:shocked:
  19. OldSchool64

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    Looks like Dinky is gone :sad:

    An infraction shouldn't be that big a deal!

    Yea I'm still working on my first, already pushed the limit at times. Then I decided to try to play nice, it's getting old already.

    Anyway.... I'll get kicked off before I quit.

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