BX-25 mags are frustrating

Discussion in 'Rimfire Forum' started by uaengineer, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. Ok was out yesterday letting the gf shoot my 10/22 Takedown and took 2 of my BX-25 mags. This was the second time these mags had ever been used, and for awhile there almost every other round was failing to eject leaving behind a mangled spent casing. It malfunctioned for me also and a couple of times at the very end when I tried doing a mag dump. We were using Federal bulk that had just ran 100% reliably in my Buckmark. When we used the stock 10 round mag, even doing a mag dump it functioned perfectly. The first time I tried using these mags the problem was that after the first round was chambered and fired, the next round wouldn't load and would be stuck down in the mag which required a little beating to get it to pop up and this was using Mini Mags. This time that issue never occurred just a ton of failure to ejects. What do you think the problem is? Thus far, I've been severely disappointed in these mags.

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  3. Sounds like a weak mag spring.

    FWIW, you can do a 'mag dump' or wait three or four days between shots, the physics are exactly same.

    What value does a 'mag dump' have?

  4. FWIW, why would you test it the same way every time? I'm wondering if it's actually more of an extractor issue than a mag issue.
  5. 66geo

    Dont think its an extracter issue..seems fine with the 10 shot correct?

    Perhaps, its the mag spring and/or molding sticking to the follower keeping the rounds from popping up in their correct position.This would cause the rounds to sometimes get bent or cases dented from the bolt over riding them..the bolt will try to shove a new bullet in with a mangled case..your issue.
  6. I had trouble with mine FTF so I clean them and it work ok after that, I still sold my 10/22 and all the mags and got me an M&P 15-22 and never look back.
  7. DJ Niner


    During a range trip a month or so ago, I had a handful of rounds fail to pop-up into feed position in several of my BX-25 mags, and I finally kinda-sorta tracked-down the problem.

    Some of you probably won't believe it, though...

    Apparently, there is at least one batch of CCI Mini-Mags out there that won't reliably function through a BX-25 mag. I know, I know, I couldn't believe it at first, either. But the same mags fed perfectly with over a dozen other loads, even some cheap-o blasting ammo. After finishing up the other ammo, I loaded-up the last of the Mini-Mags, and the same thing happened again. I tapped the sides/bottom of the mags until the stuck rounds popped-up, and manually fed them into the chamber and shot them up until the mags were empty, then I realized I had used up the last of that ammo, and wouldn't be able to confirm the exact cause of the problem (which made me feel rather "Doh!").

    If this happens to anyone else, try a few different loads and see if the problem goes away with different ammo, and comes back if you return to the original load. I'm going to dig through my stash of rimfire ammo, and see if I can come up with a few different lots of CCI Mini-Mag ammo; then when I get some time at the range, I'll try them in several different BX-25 mags.
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  8. Once upon a time - and maybe still - some third party offered 10/22 mags with adjustments allowing them to be tuned to a specific gun. Don't know how that worked out.

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  9. I have encountered a similar problem with CCI Velocitors in a BX-25 mag, though it seems to function perfectly with CCI Stingers and various 40gr solids. Something about the big, wide-mouth HP bullet on the Velocitor preventing them from moving up into feed position consistently. They seem just too big for the mag in at least one dimension. It's definitely a BX-25 issue, as the Velocitors work perfectly out of the 10-round rotary mag.
  10. ede

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    not used mine a lot but not problems with the 10/22 and 25 round mags in SC matches.
  11. Noise, smoke, excitement.

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  12. Faulkner

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    I much prefer the Tactical Innovations TI25 over the Ruger BX25. They cost a little more but there's a good reason for it, last magazine you'll ever need to buy for your 1022.
  13. Incredibly, my 10-22 Takedown came without the extractor installed! When I first got it Stingers did fine, a hotter round. Bulk ammo FTE about half the time. I thought that maybe someone at the store had take it down with the bolt closed and damaged the extractor before I bought it. I had bought it new but out of town so I couldn't just take it back to the store. I did not send it back to Ruger because I didn't want to be without it for weeks and I did not identify the problem. Local reliable gunsmith found problem and installed aftermarket extractor. I have several Ruger guns and am a fan but this just shows that anyone can make a mistake. Check that the extractor is there. I don't think it's the mag. Looking at the bolt, it's not obvious the it's missing unless you've seen one with the extractor in place. Hope this helps. By the way, if you install the Weaver rail, the factory iron sights are obscured. Anyone have suggestions on good replacements that will still allow quick release optics to be used sometimes?

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  14. Have a look at these...

    [ame="http://www.amazon.com/dp/B000N8JV9A/ref=cm_sw_em_r_am_ip_am_us?ie=UTF8"]Amazon.com: Weaver 1-Inch Steel Lock Mounts for Ruger 10/22: Sports & Outdoors@@AMEPARAM@@http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/314nkpqFXWL.@@AMEPARAM@@314nkpqFXWL[/ame]

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  15. My 10/22 has never been very reliable, no matter what mag is used. And the newer ones seem to be worse than the older ones.

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