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Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by wlkjr, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. Yesterday I ordered some 10mm ammo from Aimsurplus. Today I received an email that said they didn't have my ID on file and if they hadn't received it in 24 hours my order would be cancelled. I replied to go ahead and cancel my order and give me a full refund.
    Anyone ever had a request for ammo bought online?

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  2. Joshhtn

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    Aim requires it. They have mine and I buy from them often.

  3. I've only used luckygunner when I cannot find what I need locally, no age verification/issue
  4. I do it all the time. No issues.
  5. I've only dealt with one place that requires ID (Kyle's, I think). I don't bother any more, too many good sellers that don't require ID.
  6. Aim is pretty clear on their ammo and firearm purchase requirements. You didn't click on the link before you placed the order?
  7. This is too close to home, I received the 10mm in stock email and I bought from them also. I sent them my id years ago and have never needed it again.
  8. I do all the time. Although, Dick's had shelves full of 9mm for $14.99 and .380 for $18.99.
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