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Busted! Purple Heart, Meritorious Service, Ranger...Con-man, Liar and Oxygen Thief...

Discussion in 'Veteran's Forum' started by Minuteman, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. Minuteman

    Minuteman Jeff Gannon???

    Tommy Taylor busted as fake Ranger by real Rangers. Fake medals and service.


    The case of Tommy Taylor, Police Officer and small business owner in Weatherford Texas, is one that is particularly hard to digest. Not only was Tommy posing as a Ranger, he was profiting from it.

    A Ranger serving as Federal Law Enforcement officer with the Border Patrol brought Tommy to our attention. Upon determining that Tommy never served a day in a Ranger unit, we then proceeded to verify that he had never graduated from Ranger School either. At this point our investigation really got underway.

    This is the initial information posted on Tommy’s website that raised a red flag:


    Officer accused of misrepresentation retires from WPD

    Christina Childs

    After 10 years of service with the Weatherford Police Department, officer Tommy Taylor announced his plans to retire.

    Recently, Taylor has been surrounded by a whirlwind of controversy stemming from allegations of misrepresentation.

    Taylor was accused of claiming a false service record and military awards on his Texas Tactical Web site by a group of former Army Rangers some months ago.

    The Rangers sought disciplinary action and possible charges in accordance with the Stolen Valor Act of 2005.

    After formal complaints were filed with the Weatherford Police Department, an internal investigation ensued. However, before Weatherford Police Chief Jerry Blaisdell rendered a final decision, Taylor submitted his retirement letter.

    “Retirement was solely his decision,” Blaisdell said. “He was still in the appeal process when he turned in his retirement letter.

    “When we have to do these type of reviews, no one looks forward to them, our goal is to be fair and objective with the process. His choosing to retire is his personal choice.”

    Taylor, who owns the Weatherford-based Texas Tactical, said he plans to use his retirement to further other ventures.

    “We got everything cleared up,” Taylor said. “I decided on retirement for two reason, one, to further my business, and two, having had to prove a lot of things, you start getting your priorities straight on what direction to take in life.”

    Taylor added he plans to leave the force in November. He will be using the remainder of his vacation time between then and now, and will not return to the force on active duty before his set retirement date.

    Taylor, who was vested through the Texas Municipal Retirement Service, will collect a pension after his departure from the law enforcement.


  2. thertel


    Feb 26, 2006
    Wow thats about 30 minutes north of me, Glad I never spent any money with that guy...i think the correct term is Piece of !@#$

  3. hydrashok407

    hydrashok407 Student

    May 27, 2002
    Fort Livingroom
    I'm afraid I'm the "piece of ****" to which the article is referring.

    I'm not a special operations soldier or any of that other super high speed low drag stuff. I'm a computer programmer and web developer who went to work for Mr. Taylor. Before I started working for Mr. Taylor full-time in February, I re-developed the website for the business.

    With various conversations I've had with Mr. Taylor, I reworded the bio that was on his website. I've been in his office where he has numerous military and civilian certificates hanging on his wall. With the impressive display, I thought his online bio was quite "inadequate", and still do.

    I "beefed" up his bio a bit. I even wrote the email the Rangers have posted on their forums. I could go on and on about how I didn't (and to a great degree still don't) understand all the symantecs of who or what a "ranger" is or isn't.

    I will give the simple facts about what happened.

    I created a "demo" website that was not available on the web. I showed the erroneous bio to Mr. Taylor. Mr. Taylor specifically told me he was not a ranger or purple heart recipient. I made changes to his bio. The correct bio went up on the web. I made another change to that page when I added LTG Pitman's (Ret.) bio. I uploaded the entire page, which overwrote the corrected bio approved by him. Approximately two to three weeks later, I received a phone call from a ranger. When he asked me about his purple heart, I looked on the website and realized I had the wrong bio up. I corrected it in less than half an hour. All of this happened weeks before the first story was printed.

    Reporting on this story by the democrat has been "loose" at best. Without going into too much detail (because believe me, there are a LOT of details), you can just start by figuring out that in all of the stories where my name was mentioned, it was incorrectly listed as "Jerry Gibson". For a story about claims on a website, my name is on at least two of those pages. I spelled out my name to the reporter, but even if I didn't, just how much "investigating" do you think she did for accuracy??

    I will say, with a clear conscience, that if Mr. Taylor was guilty of even some of the things which he was accused, I would not only still be working for him, I would have probably beat him with a 2X4 or something and THEN walked out.

    I'm still remorseful for posting Mr. Taylor's incorrect bio. I have attempted to publicly post my apology at but was never granted "posting" priviliges.

    While not verbatum, this is, in general, the statement I gave to the reporter. In the first story it was never quoted, it was simply reduced to "Gibson confirmed Taylor’s claims of clerical errors."
  4. Minuteman

    Minuteman Jeff Gannon???

    You can try to blame the democrat but the army ranger trophy hunt room did the original investigation and it does not jive with your story...

    [rickyricardo]Lucy... u' got sum splainin' to do...[/rickyricardo]


  5. Minuteman

    Minuteman Jeff Gannon???


    Fire and forget Fred?

    You lose even more credibility by making claims that don't fit the current facts then running away.

    The con continues...


    (we will even debate you in stereo threads if you like)

  6. Minuteman

    Minuteman Jeff Gannon???

    [Ricky] "Lucy... U' got sum splainin' to do..."[/Ricky]

    [Lucy] "Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!" [/Lucy]

  7. Minuteman

    Minuteman Jeff Gannon???

    "He also tells us that he graduated from Ranger School class #8713"

  8. hydrashok407

    hydrashok407 Student

    May 27, 2002
    Fort Livingroom
    I didn't come here for a debate. I gave a brief explanation of the facts, and I apologized.

    Again, I am sorry for the actual, or perceived, dishonor for all current and former rangers. I'm the one who sent that email, and I'm the one who posted that stuff to the website. I'm sorry I did it.

    My credibility was shot down the moment I admitted my mistake. It would've been so much easier on me to take the easy way out and leave Tommy to be destroyed by you guys. What stopped me? Integrity. I know what I did, and I know what happened. While MY image greatly matters to me, it does not mean more to me than doing the right thing.

    So, with my credibility shot to hell, I will still publicly and privately offer up my apology.
  9. Minuteman

    Minuteman Jeff Gannon???

    You mistakenly left it up for years?

    Who LIED?
    Who invented the class number?

    Are you tommy? How do we know you are not a fictional character created to take the blame?
    You say you were incorrectly called "Jerry Gibson", if that's wrong, then what is right? Who are YOU?
    If your story is true, why didn't tommy fire you. Keeping you on makes it seem like all lies.
    Still smells like more con artist B.S.

  10. Minuteman

    Minuteman Jeff Gannon???


    -Why does tommy wear a ranger tab on his hat in the photo?
    -You claim you don't know what rangers are but someone in your company wrote...
    "Tommy claims to be a “Tab bearer, not a wearer”, which means he doesn’t just wear the Ranger tab on his uniform, but actually lives it"?

    -Why do people claim tommy told them stories of serving overseas as a ranger?

    All of these combined with your anonymous posts here and all the previous evidence of lies adds up to a pile of lies.
    Your company has made some outrageous claims of honors not won. Not once, but many times.
    "My secretary made a "mistake" doesn't change that one bit. It sounds like more con artist bull.

  11. PhuzzyGnu

    PhuzzyGnu Señor Member

    May 31, 2003
    Planet Houston

    It's all a mistake. A misunderstanding.

    Yeah right. Why's he wearing the hat?

  12. Minuteman

    Minuteman Jeff Gannon???

  13. Minuteman

    Minuteman Jeff Gannon???

  14. Minuteman

    Minuteman Jeff Gannon???

  15. PeterJasonMN

    PeterJasonMN ****

    Sep 3, 2001
    Duluth, MN
    "Operation GOLDEN RETRIEVER"??????
  16. My thoughts exactly! :thumbsup:
  17. hydrashok407

    hydrashok407 Student

    May 27, 2002
    Fort Livingroom
    No, I'm not Tommy. I'm not a fictional character that registered here in May 2002.
    I'm sorry, I thought I already posted who I was. I'm Jerry Goodson. It's on the company website. Who are YOU? Are you a ranger?
    Not only did Tommy not fire me, he also did not accept my resignation. So, what if he'd fired me? "Oh, he just used him as a scape goat." And if I'd quit? Tommy would STILL be uncredible and I'd be jobless.

    In ANY case, the mistake was still made, and my quitting or getting fired wouldn't have changed that.

    The "many claims of honor" were only two: "Airborne Ranger" and "Purple Heart". They were on the web for 2-3 weeks. When they were brought to our attention, I IMMEDIATELY removed them.

    I read in another post where a speaker is commonly "introduced as something much more than he is." That's what I did... I introduced Tommy as something more than he is. I'm sorry.

    ...I wished I'd put that in my own bio, at least y'alls efforts would be focused more accurately. Of course, I didn't INTENTIONALLY put that up about Tommy, so it'd have not happened with my own... I know my history better than I knew Tommy's when I wrote that.
  18. ranger88

    ranger88 CLM

    Apr 30, 2004
    Columbia, S.C.
    Well, as a guy who did graduate from Ranger School and is registered on - I say "Bull@*#+" You can make all of the excuses that you like for this poser, but it was his business that you were promoting and it was his responsibility to proofread what you were posting online. Weak. Just plain weak.
  19. chadb1019

    chadb1019 Cpl. Punishment

    Jul 1, 2007
    Right here
    whoop that mo-fo's (*&^%