Bushmaster..good or bad purchase?

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by WEATHERBY460, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. I just purchased a Bushmaster m4 type rifle yesterday at mcsports for $1050. (patrolman) I just plan to keep it unfired as a collector item.

    Was this a good price, and a good descision? Thanks

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  2. No collector value other than the memory of our freedom..

  3. LMAO!!!!! Do you know how many Bushmasters there are in the wild? You do know they all have the same model number. I am glad I have my 2 lowers on my builds because I do prefer the rollmark to all the others.
  4. Considering the gun control fever going on right now, I would say it was a good purchase.

    As far as collector's value ... it has none. You may be able to sell it in a couple years for more than you bought if for, assuming there are no assault weapons bans that prohibit re-sale. Gun prices are going up like crazy. I don't see them ever coming back down. If there is a particular gun you want, there is no better time than now. In a couple years it will probably cost 20% more. Just a few years ago a quality pistol cost about $500. Now it seems they are in the $600-$650 range.
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  5. Wow that's pricey for a Bushy but guess it depends on where you live. If you have other ARs that you're using then just keep it in the safe for future use. If you don't have any other ARs then by all means go have fun (if you can find and afford the ammo). There's not a big price difference between unfired vs. fired but what matters is the condition (mechanically worn or like new, scratches, scuffs, etc.) will affect resell.
  6. That was a horrible price for a Bushmaster. It has no collector value. Its always a good decision to buy an AR15, just not a Bushmaster for almost 1100 dollars.
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  7. OP,

    Don't fret. Yeah that price may have been a little high, maybe. Just chalk it up to what's going on. Assuming this was your first AR, just be glad you got one now. Most all of us have over payed or lost our butt on a gun before so don't sweat it.

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  8. faawrenchbndr

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    Better to own an over priced Bushmaster,
    than no AR15 at all.

    A few months ago those were selling for $850,
    considering the circumstances of late, you did ok.
    I saw a Colt 6920 selling for $1350.
  9. In 2006, I bought a Bushmaster M4A3 Patrolman's Rifle for $899.00, out the door. I have been 100% happy with the rifle since then, despite all the, "oh it's a Bushmaster" comments from the internet commandos.

    My brother went and bought one yesterday for something like $1,100.00 out the door. He didn't necessarily want to spend the money, but he wanted one before they were banned. If he went to look for something else, he probably would have spent over $1,500.00 if he could find one.

    If, in a few years he no longer wants his Bushie, I'm sure I can get a great deal on it.
  10. Colt 6920s were going for $1500 or more just 3 to 45 years ago. Until last week, they were $1097 all day long at Wal-Mart. When the Chicken Littles settle down again, the prices will start to drop.

  11. Great rifle, even if a bit overpriced in this case. People always complain about "lesser" companies, personally I find that elitist attitude annoying. I've never had a single issue out of mine, and will put it up against my duty Colt M4 any day.

    Collector value? Probably not. Same reason HiPoint carbines didn't become collector values after the Columbine incident. But a good rifle? Absolutely.
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    Bushmaster can build a good rifle, though the odds of a screwup are higher.

    Check the castle nut is staked, the gas key is staked, and that it runs correctly. Get a copy of the M4/M16 handbook by Mike Pannone.

    Lube it, shoot the hell out of it. There is no collector's value for any Bushmaster, except perhaps the ones the Russian army captured from the Georgian army.
  13. X2
    Personally I never had any issues with a BM.
  14. Wolfgang

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    you could prolly sell it today at a profit
  15. I don't think it'll ever have investment value. But, as far as personal value it's not a bad EBR. I love mine, but I feel I got lucky as I know there are much superior AR's out there. Like mentioned above, shoot the crap out of it! If it helps at all, I've found that my BM likes to run well-lubed. Cheers.
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    I picked both of my bushies, a2/a3 superlight friday before election in 2008 for $999 each. Saw a few weeks ago some as low as $750 and wished i jumped on them. But i did get a couple troys from ****s for $720 each. Think i'm set now with my black rifles. Just need to get a few more AKs.
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    Bushmasters are fine. I looked at a new Windham at the shop and was not impressed with the finish/furniture. Did not open it up. I have plenty of AR's and components have taken priority. I can reload for life.
  18. In my neck of the woods, you can get one with a pony on it for that price.
  19. Personally I would hold on to it a bit until the smoke clears and then sell it at a profit.

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  20. Two steps forward, one step back. That's how they raise the price on everything. Nothing goes down in the long run. In ten years, I guarantee the price of a Colt 6920, if they are still being made, will be more than $1097. If they are still $1097 in ten years, I will give you $1097. :wavey:
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