bullet theory heavy vs. light?

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  1. Hey folks, I'm fairly new around here. I've been lurking for quite some time, just soaking in all the knowledge. I'm finally ready to start reloading. I have a Rockchucker kit that I bought back in 2002 with good intentions to start reloading. OIF deployment scuttled that and then PCS to Bahrain then kids...well you get the point.

    I will be reloading .45acp for my G30. My goal is to work up a load on the lighter side for practice and GSSF. The 30 is my only Glock. I've never reloaded before expect for helping my Grandfather reload .308 for hunting when I was a kid. My job was to lube the cases. I was good at it. :supergrin: I have read my Nozler reloading manual and my Speer reloading manual. I plan to get the Lyman reloading manual as well.

    I have CCI #300 primers and WST powder. I'll be loading up mixed brass, mostly remington and winchester. I have not been able to settle on a bullet.

    I'm looking at either Roze ZERO 230 grain FMJ or 185 grain JHP, or Berry's 200 grain plated flat nose.

    I've read that heavier bullets have less recoil and I've read that lighter bullets have less recoil. All I really want is a nice light target round that fully operates the slide but produces less recoil than standard WWB 230 ball ammo. Do any of you have some good advice for me?

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  3. Welcome to the forum.

    WST and the CCI primers are a great choice, and will serve you fine with any of those bullets. I like a 230 grain fmj round nose bullet. I just felt they fed better in the 30 when I had it. I also like them in my 1911s I try to start low and load ten of the near bottom load up to middle of the road in .1 or .2 grain increments and see where the gun likes to function. Load to the max OAL you can get to cycle and load in the magazine. Treat any plated bullet as a lead bullet.

    Some people will take the average of the middle of the road load from three different published sources to find a starting point.

  4. ron59

    ron59 Bustin Caps

    I've only loaded for 9mm, but I can say that I see a HUGE difference between my 147gr reloads and factory 115gr stuff.

    I've chrono'ed BOTH, and they are almost exactly the same "power factor". I can load up a magazine, alternating one of mine, with one of the factory. The 115gr stuff is MUCH "sharper", with more recoil. My 147gr stuff feels soft as butter in comparison. The heavy stuff is more expensive, but its worth it for me. Of course, I shoot competitively (GSSF and IDPA) and looking to get my sights back on target quick for that second shot most targets require. If I was just "plinking" all the time? The 115gr would be more than satisfactory, plus cheaper.
  5. AJE

    AJE *goes to 11*

    As a bonus, 147gr is alot quieter, too.


  6. Since you want too shoot GSSF go with the Berry 200gr bullet. I use 200gr X-treme bullets. Also since you want too use WST try 4.4gr at 1.120-5. I have not tried this load yet but I got it from Ed that also shoots GSSF. This is the starting load for a lead bullet and 5.1 is max.
    You do not need a 230 gr. Bullet. For one they cost more.
    Welcome too reloading and GSSF.
  7. Don't know how a 147gr bullet is going too work in a G30 that is 45acp?:dunno:
  8. Use 4.5grns. WST w/200grn. RN bullet. DO NOT try a SWC design as they don't feed worth a crap in a G30. I can't speak for Berry's FP from personal experience. Get a box and try them out.

    My personal favorite is a RNFP bullet used by cowboy action shooters. Very accurate and they feed liked greased lightening.
  9. Driven at the same vel, ligher bullets always recoil less. Where the heavy bullet/low recoil guys come from is shooting heavy bullets @ lower vel. Still enough mass to cycle the slide but you can run pretty low recoiling rounds. WST is a great choice for low recoil rounds even running them @ factory vel levels. I shoot the 200grFP Berrys o/ 4.9gr for 850fps in my 1911PD, pretty soft shooting & one hole 15yd accuracy (just don't over crimp). Using the 230grRNFMJ, 4.5gr runs them right around 820fps, same pistol, sim recoil.
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  10. ron59

    ron59 Bustin Caps

    Yeah... I guess you should actually read the WHOLE post.

    1. He asked about heavy vs. light bullets

    2. I STATE that I have only loaded for 9mm... but there's a heavy vs. light thing going on there too, that I can only imagine would apply to other calibers?

    3. 147's are about the heaviest bullets you can find for 9mm

    4. I don't think anybody (but you) would take from my post that HE should use 147gr bullets

    5. Dude. Duh.
  11. :panties:
    Duh Dude that was a joke.
    And yes I read the whole post.
  12. Thanks for the replies, fellas. I think I'll go with the 200gr bullets and see how I like them. I might just use up all the 200 gr bullets that I buy and then order some 230 gr just to compare and see which I like best. I shot two GSSF matches using factory 230 gr FMJ and while I didn't think my follow-up shots were too bad, I would like to be a bit quicker.

    Thanks for the WST recipes also.

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