bullet set back

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by 24601, Feb 9, 2013.

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    WOW! :wow:

    KB waiting to happen! It's a good thing you caught it!

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  2. M 7

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    Who said anything about over-crimping? :dunno:

    I don't know where you got that. I certainly never said that they should "over crimp" anything.

    If you want to respond to something I wrote that's fine, but don't attribute things to me that I never said. It is rude and you know better than that.

  3. dkf


    Post a pic of the HP cavity of the bullet.

    I bet those BB loads in the pic are using the 9mm Gold Dot bullet and not the .357sig Gold Dot bullet. Profile is different on the .357sig GD as well as the actual HP cavity.

    If you want a very good .357sig load that can be chambered many times with no setback, get some Federal HST. Feeds silky smooth.

    My setback roads I either break up for components or knock the bullet out past correct OAl with my bullet puller and then seat/crimp the bullet to proper depth. Then shoot it at the range.
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    Looks like a 9mm 124gr Gold Dot to me, the cavity is too deep to be a 125gr 357 Sig Gold Dot, plus the profile is different.
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    Don't shoot it!
  7. I have never had a set back on Speer GD or HSTs in .45, .40, 357sig or 9mm, I check them regularly. I wonder how many bullets are shot that way. so many people seem to have it happen but the only way they find it is if they unchamber it.
    there were posts here at one time that said top ammo manufactures concider this when working up loads but but many boutique ammo manufactures don't. that is where these smaller ammo companies get their extra speeds over the big ones.
  8. dkf


    Thanks for posting pics.

    That is the 9mm version which is a big part of the reason the neck tension sucks.

    If BB would have used a higher volume powder they could have prevented setback with a compressed powder charge. However they most likely would not get 1450+ fps velocity either.

    Just another reason I do not carry "boutique" ammo company loads for SD and especially max loads for SD.

    In my tests with .357sig I have measured setback on both the GD and HST. The HST may slip .005" after 6 chamberings. GD 54234 and 53918 both suffered the worst setback of any of the .357sig JHP I had tested, no doubt due to the large metplat hitting the feed ramp hard. This is the main reason I don't carry them anymore. You can see .005" setback with both Speer loads with 2 chamberings, sometimes only 1 depending on the gun.
  9. SCmasterblaster

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    It probably happens more often than we'd like to know. A near-proof load unexpected.
  10. I believe it depends more on the individual gun mostly. you will here some that may have a G32 and have problems with bullets nose diving into the ramp and another with the same model that will feed anything. not just Glocks but with any brand gun from any manufacturer. with my 23 using G32 barrel I have never had set back using either GD load or HST but others have. I have rechambered these rounds many times.
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    And you've never had a round blow out? Or even a smiley on the base of the case?
  12. no never.
  13. That looks exactly like a 124g 9mm bullets loaded in my 124g gold dots.

    Not only is that a shady business practice- the 9mm projectile was not even designed for the 357 sig velocities. Plus you have seating and setback issues which are potentially hazardous. Bad business. Buffalo Bore already has 124g +P+ 9mm ammo, they shouldn't be loading these into 357sig cases and claiming they're 125g sig bullets for any reason. If that really is a 124g bullet in those cartridges BB should be ashamed.

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    You have been fortunate. :cool:
  15. 24601

    wow, thanks for all the input everyone... I've learned a lot... think I'll be switching back to my ranger Ts for now until I can find more HSTs...

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    I'd be on the lookout for this problem with any ammunition.

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