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  1. It is possible for the Summer Special to work with both your G21 and G30 . Not the greatest but perfectly do able.

    Example 1(. Glock 30 Holster with a Glock 21) Your Glock 21’s slide will pert rude from the bottom of the holster approx. 3/4" of an inch. This could possibly create issues if you have a high profile front sight. The sight could possibly hang up on the bottom lip of the holster while the pistol is being drawn. This would not be as much as of an issue with a stock front sight.

    Example 2. (Glock 21 Holster with a Glock 30) Your Holster will be approx ¾ of an inch longer then your Glock 30. If you frequently carry your Glock 30 in this holster, eventually the bottom of the holster may start of cave in because of lack of slide support.

    As you can see, neither choice is optimal, but will work.

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  2. Thanks for the answer Randy. Will have to consider both options. Your work looks great!

  3. Thanks, let me know if you have any other questions.

  4. Here's a Bulldog "Mike" in my own custom brown that was shipped off to the customer today. This one was built for the customers Springfield Armory Micro 3" .45acp


  5. I redesigned my website with a new layout and photos.
    Stop by and tell me what you think.
  6. The Problem: Too many different Model Handguns and limited availability of holsters

    The Solution: A holster kit from Bulldog Custom Gun Leather

    I'm now offering my Bulldog Summer Special Holster in a semi-finished, mold it yourself kit.

    Today, there are so many more makes and models of handguns then ever before. Also, there are many older discontinued classic handguns, with few if any quality concealed carry holsters readily available.

    I receive many E-mails from customers wanting a holster for a handgun that I cannot accommodate because of limited mold gun availability.

    The easy to use kit comes to you dyed, glued,stitched, with finished edges. You follow easy step by step instructions using your own pistol. You wet mold the holster to fit your pistol, finish to your liking, and mount the belt straps with included kit hardware.

    I will be able to accommodate the requests for most medium and large frame semi-automatic pistols.

    Ordering information and wet molding tutorial are included on my website. www.bulldogleathercompany.com
    The cost of the Bulldog Summer Special Holster Kit is $50.00 plus $6.10 USPS Priority Shipping


    Pre-Molded Holster

    Hand Molding with a simple tool.

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  7. Glock Talk Friends,
    Order a holster through New Years and receive FREE USPS PRIORITY SHIPPING.
  8. Here's a group of holsters that I shipped out today.
    From the top clockwise.

    Convertible Pocket Holster for a Ruger lcp
    Bulldog Speed Scabbard for all flavors of the 1911
    Bulldog Summer special for a Glock 17
    Bulldog Summer Special for a Glock 26
    Blackdog Economy Summer Special for a Glock 19

  9. Here's a holster ready to be delivered to a customer who wanted to CCW is Glock 21 with a TLR1 light. This is a redeisgn of my Bulldog Beltslide Holster.


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  10. I've added a new IWB holster model to my IWB line.
    This is the new Bulldog Maverick IWB Holster

  11. Bulldog Summer Special in Basic Black for Baretta 92.

    $65.00 plus shipping

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  12. Here's my new Bulldog Maverick, first time in custom brown, ready to be shipped out.


    Here's my newest model based on the Askins Avenger Holster. I call this tunnel/loop holster, the Bulldog Avenger

  13. Bulldog "Mike" in custom brown.

  14. Here's a Bulldog Mike in Custom brown with an optional throat band that went out to a customer today. This one was made for a Glock 36.

  15. Pistol List
    I currently build holsters for the following pistols.
    NOTE: If your pistol is not on the list, contact me anyway. If I can locate a mold gun, I can still build you a holster.
    A $20.00 upcharge will occur if I have to order a mold gun.
    This will be a special order so payment in full will be due before I order the mold gun.

    PX4 Storm Sub Compact
    Mod. 94

    Colt and All 1911 Style Varients
    1911 Colt Government 5"
    1911 Colt Government with rails 5"
    1911 Colt Commander 4"
    1911 3" Micro 1911's

    17, 19,21, 22, 23, 26, 27,30,36, 34,35

    USP 9/40
    USP 9 Compact


    All Varients of the 1911 Style Pisto

    LCP With Crimson Trace Laser Guard

    Sig Sauer

    Smith & Wesson
    J Frame 2”
    J Frame 3”
    M&P .380 Bodyguard
    M&P 9/40 Compact
    M&P .40 full size service

    Springfield Armory
    Micro Compact 3"
    XD 40 M-Factor 4"
    XD 9/40 Compact

  16. I've added the Sig Sauer Mosquito to my available pistol build list.
  17. Here's a group shipping out today.

  18. Last month I was the featured speaker at a concealed carry and holster selection seminar sponsored by RED DOT ARMS in Lake Villa, IL. I brought a selection of my IWB, OWB, and Pocket Holsters and explained through demonstration the pros and cons of each type of carry and holster options to fit various lifestyles. The most important point that I attempted to drive home was the importance of situational awareness in all facets of day to day life.
    Here's some photos from the event....

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