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  1. I recently retired after over 35 years as a Law Enforcement Officer. I've been building holsters for the past 6 years. With retirement, I can now work full time in my holster shop. My holsters are designed and hand made by me to meet the needs of my customers. All holsters are made for a specific weapon so you won't find one size fits all holsters in my shop.
    I’m a one-man shop and my holsters are made using the finest leather from tanneries in the USA. If the design, leather selection, and finished holster are not good enough for me, it’s not good enough for my customers.
    If I build you a holster and you are not happy, I’m not happy either. My reputation is my stock in trade.
    I’m now offering free USPS Priority Mail shipping to Glock Talk Members.
    For photos, current handgun list, build times and order information, please visit my website at www.bulldogleathercompany.com
    For Information: Randy@bulldogleathercompany.com
    If you contact me by email, please mention your a Glock Talk member.

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  3. The HK USP 9mm compact has been added to my pistol build list.

  4. I recently started a face book page to complement by website.
    From now until Friday 08/31/12 at 11:59 PM. I would like to get as many "likes" as possible on my Bulldog Custom Gun Leather Face Book page. I will have my better half randomly choose a name. The winner will receive a free Bulldog Summer Special IWB holster valued at $75.00 shipped to them.
    The selection will be limited to Glock model pistols only, please.

    So all you have to do is:
    - Click on my Face Book Link below in my signature line. Then click the (LIKE) icon.
    - In the comments section let me know the Glock model that you would like a holster for.

    That’s It!

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  5. Responce on the Face Book holster giveaway has been going well. Make sure you leave your Glock model number in the comment section so I know which model to warp leather around if your the lucky winner.
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  6. Fellow Glock Talk Forum members. My holster giveaway ends in less then 6 hours at 11:59 PM. I'm giving away a free Bulldog Summer Special Holster for a Glock Model of your choice to a lucky winner.

    So all you have to do is:
    - Click on my Face Book Link below in my signature line. Then click the (LIKE) icon.
    - In the comments section let me know the Glock model that you would like a holster for.

    That’s It!
  7. We have a winner in the Bulldog Summer Special holster giveway. The winner has been contacted via Facebook. As soon as they respond with their Glock Talk user name I will post the information.
    Thanks to the Glock Talk forum members who took part in the contest.

  8. Please check your Facebook accounts for a private message from me. The winner has still not contacted me to claim their free Bulldog Summer Special Holster.

  9. Randy,

    I am an FFL dealer in McHenry. It looks like you make some high quality holsters!

    I have sent you an email. :wavey:

  10. Tyler,
    I sent you an email.
  11. Thanks to Glock Talk Forum Members, the past few weeks have been real busy in my shop. Here's a few holsters recently shipped out to my customers.






  12. Beautiful holsters!:wow:
  13. Thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate it.
  14. real nice work!!
  15. Thanks for the kind words!.

  16. Here's one of my Bulldog Speed Scabbard's that went out to a customer a few days ago. The Speed Scabbard is a very minimal holster that works great for the owner of handguns from the same size family. This holster in particular was built for a Glock 26/27, but will work equally well for a 19/23 and several others from the same Glock family.
    One built for a Colt Government 5" would work equally well with a 4" Commander or a 3"' Micro Government platform weapon. Very versatile holster.


    This "Little Gem" was designed and built for a customer's Kahr P380 pistol.Those of you familer with the P380 know it's a very small pistol. I've built many pocket holsters for this pistol, but this customer wanted a belt holster. This is a new design for me and added to my holster lineup. I based the design of this holster on my Beltslide Pancake Design, only quite a bit smaller.
  17. how long do these typically take to ship?
  18. I worked extra the last few weeks to knock down my backlog.
    Your looking on approx. 3 weeks order to shipment right now.
  19. Hey Forum Members, effective immediately, I've reduced the price of the Bulldog Summer Special Holster in black from $75.00 to $65.00. This includes free shipping for forum members. Times are tough and I'm trying to help everyone out as much as I can. Thanks for your support on this forum, and on my Facebook page.


  20. Hi Randy. Don't know if this is do-able or not. I really like the Summer Special. I alternate carrying a G30 and a G21 (IWB/ OWB) and I have been looking for an IWB that I could carry both in, without changing kydex shells, etc.

    Would it be possible to get a Summer Special that might work with both?


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