(Bulgarian Circle 10, 21, 25)

Discussion in 'The Kalashnikov Klub' started by win, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. From what I understand is that bulgarian mags are the best. Do you think so? If so which one circle 10? 21?
    Is their a difference?
    Also what are the prices these days?

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  3. .38 super

    .38 super Observer

    If someone is interested, I'm selling 5 of my circle 10 BG mags, new, newer used, in Glock Talk Classifieds: http://glocktalk.com/classifieds/sh...74-2c-bulgarian-made-2c-black-magazines&cat=6
    I didn't realize the price was down, my reference was Gunbroker and the add didn't let me correct the price. I'm new to the Classifieds section and have a hard time managing the darn interface...
    If someone wants to buy all 5, I'll sell them for $36ea plus whatever is the shipping cost.
    I have about 12 of them, the one I listed for sale are extra, I received those from friend from Bulgaria.
    Same goes for the metal AK47 new mags that I got for sale - $35 per mag for all 5 of them.
  4. FireForged

    FireForged Millenium #3936
    Millennium Member

    All I can say is that I bought some circle 10 waffle mags at a gunshow once. They wouldnt fit the magwell of my rifles so I threw them in the garbage. Surplus steel mags for me!
  5. .38 super

    .38 super Observer

    "Waffle mags" seems to be the problem in your case...
    I agree on the surplus steel mags, but they are very hard to find for 5.45x39....
  6. Circle 10's are the best overall mags for the 7.62x39 IMO. They aren't the best bang for the buck though. When you could buy 3-4 steel surplus mags for the price of one Circle 10 mag, steel all the way.
  7. I am looking for my AK74 5.45x39.
    I made a mistake and won an auction for some 20rd mags but they are marked 5.56x45.
    I am going to guess they wont work. So I guess I will have to relist them.
  8. what should I expect to pay for circle 10 30rd ak74 mags?
  9. barth

    barth six barrels

    I've got 19 30 round Circle 10 waffle mags for my Arsenal SLR-106U.
    They are pricey.
    But they seem to be very well made and feed 100%.
    My SLR-106U has Circle 10 on the reliever too.

    I think they are made for each other - LOL!
    #9 barth, Apr 3, 2013
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  10. can the follower be changed and make the 223 mags work for 5.45x39?
  11. Check out akfiles or theakforum, periodically there are folks selling mags on there for around $30 apiece.
  12. At least $40 a mag...I refused to spend that kind of $$ so I went to Tapcos that work 100% for the range(as im not in nor going to combat any time soon) at $13.99 a mag instead :)

    Are the Circle 21's that came with the gun(got 3 free with gun) YES...thats what id want if my life depended on them...that said since im not a prepper, i dont use my ak for HD, im not in combat I just have fun at the range with is...do I need $40+ mags for that...nope $14 mags work just fine :)
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  13. The gun show I was just at this past weekend in Wisconsin had them $35 each..or 6 for $200
  14. thanks guys I got 5 for $35 each/shipped
    they are new in the wrapper.
    very happy

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