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Bul M-5

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by Veedubklown, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. Finally got my mags in! Off to the range tomorrow. Rounds were nose-diving at first. Cleaned up the inside of the mags, gotta give em a shot of dry lube. Also my extractor seemed a bit tight. Rounds were difficult to slide under. Now they go under easily, and I can hand-cycle through both mags. Seems ready for the range!

    Looks rather silly. The magazines stick out about 1/4 too far, exposing the mag body between the grip and the floor plate.


    When I'm sure I have a well working pistol that's reliable, then I'll start messing with it. I want to reshape and stipple the frame, blend the controls, put an ambi safety on, and probably fit a barrel bushing once I'm feeling adventurous.

    Took it out into the desert and tested minute of coke can accuracy at about 30 feet. Left the pistol relatively dry, and the only hangups I receieved were out of 1 mag, some nose-dives. Re-racked the slide and they went home. These mags just need some time to work in, after working with 1 last night it was the one that worked perfectly today. Shot about 60 rounds through it, with just that 1 mag hanging up. Time to make it my own.

    Picked up a wilson ambi safety from the LGS. Wanted to touch it now!


    Maybe I'll make a new thread on work to this gun.
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  2. I'll just use this thread:supergrin:

    Come to find out, it wasn't that reliable. I got alot of nose-diving, and 3 point jams.


    Then I did some reading, some careful studying, and came up with this;


    Mixed magazines with hollow-points and ball ammo, and can't tell the difference. It eats em all, hand cycling. At the range, it performed much better. Having issues with it locking back, but once I got through the first mag of ammo I was testing the hand feeding with, it was fine. More tinkering, more testing. Pulling the trigger is fun. The day after I bought the wilson safety, I realized I could fit a kimber safety, without cutting the frame. That'll be in monday.
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  3. [​IMG]
    And there it is. Been fitting the beaver tail safety, safety, and frame/slide. Finish is rough, but fit is good. It's almost ready for a stipple.

    I can live with a fit like this :whistling:
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  4. Finally found a plastic filler that matches this plastic, perfectly. All the places I ground the plastic down, and found stainless steel frame under, can be patched up. Why not do some extra work on it, before I stipple?


    Hi-cut the trigger guard some more, added finger grooves and a rest, and re-profiled the trigger guard. Gonna look sweet when I'm done with the stipple!

    Getting closer;
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  5. Another update

    And with stipple complete;

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  6. I ordered 3 more magazines from All American Sales, and he sent me 3 with the floor-plates like the ones shown above. Love em! The magazines are the same capacity, but these fit flush with my frame, the way it should be. Fantastic!

  7. At a local IDPA shoot today, and one of my club members, who I've known and shot with for a while tells me, "I'm switching to 45, you wanna try out these 9mm SWCs?" Sure, so I try some out, they punch nice clean holes, and run well in my gun. Inspect the empty casings, and see a little bit of swelling around the case mouth. (Shoulda heeded that :rolleyes:) Not seeing any swelling that looked excessive, or was stretching the brass to extremes, from what I thought, I shot away. Until...


    Which, scared me a bit. Felt a pop in my hand, and it shot my magazine out. Opened my hands to see that my backstrap looked like this;


    It split straight down the inside of my mag well, and across the top of my trigger rail on the side. The frame is all polymer, and I have some plastic weld left that I used to do the grip in the first place. I'm going to try chucking that ammo, and welding this frame back together, though. A lesson learned in reading casings!
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    There are a bunch of m-5's listed on Gunbroker in 9mm for $319 and one in 45 ACP for $419.
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  9. That's nuts, there is a poop-ton of em! Actually pretty awesome.

    I did get mine welded back together. Soon as I re-stipple it, I'll post new pictures.
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