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  1. I've done a brief ammount of searching for anything about this 1911 on GT, but maybe my GTsearch-FU is weak.

    Anyway, I've been looking heavy at one of these as of recently, looking for a new pistol for IDPA and other sports. I'm really liking the 9mm version;


    18 round capacity, double stack. I'm having trouble finding data on the width, but I'm relatively certain it'll fit in the 1 5/8" wide IDPA box.

    What you guys think about em? Relatively cheap, used, and fits exactly what I've been looking for in a gaming gun. Don't really see a drawback to carrying it, either. Only really needs an ambi safety (lefty) and some night sights. I'm wondering if they use a proprietary sight notch, and how difficult it is to fit a safety.

    Also, I've seen hinted that they'll work with the para 18-9 magazines. I'd really like to know if someone can confirm. I'm surprised Bac hasn't shown up yet!

    ETA: Here's mine!


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  2. crazymoose

    crazymoose Nonentity

    I have one ordered that should be arriving in the next week or two. It's the full-sized 9mm version.

    My understanding is that they will not use Para mags without modification. You either have to modify the mag or mag catch (can't remember which), or order a replacement mag catch from Rescomp in South Africa. I tried emailing Rescomp, but couldn't get through. However, I assume that they're still in business, as people are selling their belts and holsters all over the place. I'll put a post up here when mine comes in and I get a chance to look it over. The seller claims the grip safety function was questionable, so this may turn into a bit of a project. Not that I mind that.

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  3. They aren't my style, but I've heard some good things about them.
  4. Same here, 9mm goverment size.

    Just bought it today, still gotta do all the FFL stuff, send payment yada yada.

    I'm excited :wow:
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  5. Comin tomorrow, so jazzed =D
  6. I currently own a 9mm commander version of the M5. I have also owned a government model in 45acp. Both are excellent pistols. I have also heard the P18-9 mags will work, but new Bul Transmark mags are available from All American Sales in Piggot AR.

    I will measur the width in a few minutes and post it here.

    The grip is about the same size as a Glock in my opinion.
  7. Can ya throw up some pictures of your 9mm mags, so I know what to hunt for? Doesn't look like these guys have a web site, I'll give em a call if I can't find anything local.
  8. The widest part on the pistol is at the base of the grip where there is a slight magwell flare. The width is 1.382" on my pistol.

    On the mags, you will have to call them. Unless you find para mags, you probably will not have any luck locally.

    If I remember correctly the mags are $35.00 each shipped. Mine work perfectly. I sent a check and received the mags very quickly in the mail.



  9. Wonder if I can get that in a flush fit base, or change em :dunno:

    Thanks for the pix!
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  10. The base plates are removable. They are also fairly thick, so you may be able to file them down to be thinner.
  11. crazymoose

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    What's your experience been like with wear on the plastic mag catch from the metal mag bodies? I'm about to pick up my M-5, and I'm debating whether to order some Bul mags or order the mag catch to let me use Para mags.
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  12. I have never had any problems with M5 factory mags or mag catch. My first M5 was a 45acp and I shot several matches with it.

    What mag catch do you have to order to use Para mags?

    I have a friend with an M5 and he is having trouble getting the Para mags to work. He is going to use mine for a match this weekend.
  13. crazymoose

    crazymoose Nonentity

    I've been told you either have to enlarge the top of the slot on the mags by 1.3mm, or order the replacement mag catch from Rescomp in South Africa. I'm not certain whether or not they still sell it; I tried emailing them, and got a failure to deliver email. It is, however, still on their web page, and I know they're still in the gun belt and holster business, at least.
  14. looks like an old Kimber polymer 1911 I had years ago in stainless - accurate but I had feeding problems. As I recall they may have been built in Isreal - but then again it's been a while
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    Same gun. The Kimber mags work with no issues. The Wilson KZ series is essentially also the same gun, although I believe they use a redesigned mag catch and proprietary mag.
  16. Anyone have one with an ambi thumb safety installed? I want to see how they notched the frame for the right side.
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    Haven't picked mine up yet, here's an image from Google:

  18. Yeah I've seen the pics online, but that doesn't really show a channel or anything, just a divot where it looks like it would pull off. That divot isn't actually for the safety anyway, it's for a pin behind it, sear pin maybe? I'm wondering how they hold their right side safety on.

    Since mine came in, might as well get some pics up.

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  19. I had a BUL 5 in 45, loved it. I've never seen one with a GI style slide or thumb safety before. As far as the sights, how is the font sight attached ? Is it part of the slide or is it dovetailed from the front ?
  20. It's staked on, I believe like the GI's were. The slide, asside from being 9mm, is all GI, as far as I can tell. It's my first 1911, and I don't have a true GI to compare to, but I've done a bit of comparing online.

    It's gonna be fun to change, some day. For now, it's staying stock, til I get the frame work done.

    ETA: I ordered some mags. They were $32 each, for 17 round blued. $2.50 shipping. Very reasonable.
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