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Buckeye Firearms is the Grassroots Organization of the Year!

Discussion in 'Ohio Glockers' started by KnightOfTheOlde, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. KnightOfTheOlde

    KnightOfTheOlde BuckeyeFirearms

    Jun 26, 2006
    NorthEast Columbus Ohio
    Buckeye Firearms is the Grassroots Organization of the Year!

    By Jim Irvine

    Alan Gottlieb presented Buckeye Firearms Association with the Citizens Committee For The Right To Keep And Bear Arms (CCRKBA) “2007 Grassroots Organization of the Year” award at the Second Amendment Foundation’s 22nd annual Gun Rights Policy Conference (GRPC) held in Covington, Kentucky.

    It reads:

    In Recognition of the Tireless Hard Work and Dedication to the Preservation of the Individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms by its members

    Anytime one wins an award it is nice, but winning an award from the CCRKBA is a special honor. I’m proud of our volunteers and the work they have done. They are the ones who earned this award.

    Please visit below link for the rest of the story and a pic of the award.