Buck Mark Recoil Spring Guide Rod

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  1. I cant find one anywhere! Mine is bent and the gun wont cycle, everywhere I look they are back ordered or out of stock, anybody have a lead on a site that has them in stock? Also this makes me think its a common problem, is it worth buying 2 rods in case it happens again?
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    Have you tried contacting Browning directly? I searched some of my go-to sites and yes, they are all out. I am curious to know how this happened, though. First I have heard of it and I have a very high-mileage buck mark.....:dunno:

  3. I have not since they don't have the option for simply ordering online its a bit of a hassle it seems like. I ordered one from Brownells (on back order but will ship when they get it) since Midwayusa wanted to charge me some extra fee since it was on back order. Mine hasn't been shot too much and it bent, not sure how it happened, it was a few years ago and I haven't messed with it since.
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    Happened to mine as well, but it's because I couldn't pull the recoil rod assembly during cleaning and i bent the hell out of it. I called Browning and got lectured about where in the manual does it tell me to remove the assembly from the slide. The tech on the phone was a total a-hole but he was right. I was new to the Buckmark and just did what I saw on YouTube on how to clean. Now I don't remove the recoil assembly when cleaning. Browning sent me replacement at no charge.

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