Browning buckmark sights

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  1. Hey guy, I've got a slab side 5.5in target buck mark and am trying to find a set of 3 dot or atleast a front post for it and everything I find says it fits everything but the 5.5 target (Williams fire sights and hi viz) does any know where to find some? Thanks in advance!
  2. Here's a pic for reference [​IMG]

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    I'm fairly sure all of those should fit your Buckmark as well; the 5.5 Target has an even larger diameter bull barrel, full-length optical rail, and a very different front sight. THAT'S the model that none of the replacement sights will fit; your Buckmark shares the barrel length with that model, but not much else.

    Here's a link to Browning's historic webpage for the 5.5 Target model:
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  4. Awesome thank you!

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