British Gun Crime

Discussion in 'Important Gun Control Info' started by Jeff82, Apr 26, 2004.

  1. Jeff82

    Jeff82 NRA Benefactor

    Go here to see many gun articles in British Press,2759,178412,00.html

    Jerry, can this be sticky for a while? I just checked it today (17 May) and it is being updated.

    Edited to Add:

    Above link no longer works. Here's another link that bring UK gun news from The Guardian:

    and an article about soaring Britiswh gun crime from 2012:

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  3. Rusty

    Millennium Member

    That is just sad. You can't even protect your family in your own home over there. And If we don't watch out, we are heading in the same direction.

  4. HBK


    Also check out the book, Guns and Violence by Joyce Lee Malcolm. It details how England got so screwed up. :(
  5. I certainly agree, that if people do not pay attention to what their elected officials are doing our gun priveleges will slowly be taken away. Make no mistake about it. IT CAN HAPPEN HERE.
  6. Jeff82

    Jeff82 NRA Benefactor

    For me the AWB/HiCapBan sunsetting is the bellweather test. There is absolutely no way that it should be reinstated or a new version put in it's place, knowing the following:

    -The House has a strong pro-gun majority.
    -The House is expected to become more "republican" (meaning incumbents and potential candidates would stay away from known decisive issues, like gun control).
    -The Senate is just barely pro-gun.
    -The Senate is expected to become more "republican" (meaning incumbents and potential candidates would stay away from known decisive issues, like gun control).
    -The White House has been warned that if a new ban is in place in November, Bush will not have support of gun-owners. (He may be banking that GO will still vote for him due to the "War on Terror". I'm not one of them. If I can't defend myself and family here at home, another war somewhere else is a distant second concern to me.)
    -The sunset requires NO ACTION. Politicians (and remember majority are pro-gun) have to go out of their way to bring about a new ban/reinstate an old one.
    -Documented evidence shows the ban to be useless and only harms the law-abiding's Constitutional/Civil Rights.

    If, in the face of what's outlined above, a new ban takes effect, that will demonstrate to me that We the People and our system of government are compromised and no longer working according to the US Constitution (I'm already convinced of this, the AWB is the "final straw"), that there are very strong "strings" manipulating our governmental processes and we are not in control of our own government. If that turns out to be true, there is only one way to take back our own government and that is, (short of massive civilian protest and I doubt you'll get the "sheeple" motivated) is the removal and replacement of the "professional" politicians.

    Unfortunately, we Americans have been asleep at the switch so long and allowed the socialist/communist agenda to get into our schools, that the vast majority will sit and watch themselves be put into bondage so long as they get cable!

    It truly is a shame (but has to come about to allow for the New World Order).

    What happens when you separate yourself from God (and let me be specific, Jesus the Christ)? You go to hell.
    America is separating itself from God. The country is on it's way...

    ;l I copied this posting into it's own thread, same forum.;l
  7. big grip

    big grip APC & Proud!

    I took this from my post on the CCW forum, figured it would go here well.

    Here's a link, it's 46 pages in a pdf so you can save it to your hard drive.

    You will want to check tables # 1, 6 & 25.

    The US has a decreasing violent crime rate and the so-called "civilized" nations of the UK, Canada and Austrilia have raising violent crime. I noticed that the UK breaks out Scotland from England & Whales.

    BTW, this is from a UN web page therefore liberals CAN NOT ARGUE with you about it.
  8. spetsnaz777

    spetsnaz777 Team 9mmx19

    Gun Crime can't exist in England. After all they banned them;Q
  9. The Brits are paranoid about guns. Nothing new, they don't know crap about them either.

  10. Jeff82

    Jeff82 NRA Benefactor

    They do double-rifles exceedingly well. Not bad on shotguns too.
  11. big grip

    big grip APC & Proud!

    The tables I posted from the UN give you all the ammo you need to put a dumb antigunner in their place. Most are left of center, and will dispute your source. When you say it's from the UN have the camera read! It'll be fun.

    The tables I listed clearly show that since guns have been banded in the UK crime has gone up. While CCW has expanded in the US crime has gone down. So who's the barbarians now?
  12. [I resent the fact that just because I do not believe in some super being that lives on a cloud and knows everything I am making this country go to hell "GET REAL"
  13. Jeff82

    Jeff82 NRA Benefactor

    "A swing and a miss..."
    Strike one.
  14. 7.62mmFMJ

    7.62mmFMJ Always Forward

    It would take an act of monumental stupidity to resurrect the ban on semi-automatic rifles, design-capacity magazines, and self-loading shotguns. The easiest and most expedient thing to do is nothing, and nothing is all it takes for sunset.
  15. Jeff82

    Jeff82 NRA Benefactor

    I was talking to one of the vendors at a recent GSSF shoot and he is completely convinced that some form of backdoor wheeling and dealing/horsetradin' will go on that will result in the AWB being renewed. His thought is that this far to valuable to them to be able to let it go. Other more valueable (beauty is in eye of beholder) items will be threatened (again, in the beholder's eyes, this may include some "dirt" being let out) that would make the AWB seem to be the "smaller" loss.

    Stinks any way you measure it. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

    This is the position you end up in when people don't vote for "character".
  16. Texas T

    Texas T TX expatriate

    Ahem... that would be Wales my good man. ;)
  17. In case you have been looking for it, the pdf that big_grip linked to has been moved here.
  18. Just 7 hours for Police to respond to 911 call in UK!,,30000-1147466,00.html

    Of course the victims could not defend themselves!

    As Chief Constable Peter Davies puts it...

    "I am quite clear that it is legitimate to question
    whether the response was quick enough but I am not
    concerned that we got it wrong."

    Gun crime is not only out of control in the UK but the
    Police is staring to run out of lies to cover up the
    mess that their "no handgun" "no self-defense" laws have

  19. SgtKabar

    SgtKabar Semper Fidelis

    At least the British authorities have realized that since criminals are going to shoot whomever and wherever they choose, the population should be trained in emergency first aid to deal with gunshot wounds until the ambulance arrives. Now that is comforting! Wouldn't you rather have a first aid kit than a Glock when the BG starts shooting people? The country has been turned into one big Luby's Cafeteria. The worst part is that the BG's are going to get so much practice shooting people that they're going to get better at it. Fool, Brittania, Brittania on it's knees (to the tune of Rule, Brittania).
  20. Some states are already heading in that directions. Some states are heading away from that direction. Our country is very divided over this issue. Southern states are generally pro-gun and pro self- defense. How do you think they would react if a Northeastern and Kalifornia liberals manage to take away their right to keep and bear arms, or make it illegal to defend yourself in your own home?
  21. The last time something like this happened it contributed to a war that lasted from 1861 to 1865. I in no way believe something like that would occur if this scenario was to occur but it is interesting to see how history could quite likely repeat itself.

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