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Discussion in 'Okie Memorial Area' started by okie, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. I absolutely refuse to believe that a woman who learned the English language and is apparently smart enough to pass a drivers test and drive (although not well by the sounds of it) could be that dumb.

    It has to be a joke.

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  2. Blast

    Blast 'nuff said

    Could be a joke. But on the other hand, it would not surprise me if true.

  3. I'll just leave this here...

  4. okie

    okie GT Mayor

  5. Blast

    Blast 'nuff said

    Hey okie... explain this.:shocked:

  6. okie

    okie GT Mayor

    Cranial Rectal Inversion :rofl::rofl:
  7. Blast

    Blast 'nuff said

    Sure going to miss his threads. :bump:
  8. I just chuckled for the first time today. tom.
  9. robin303

    robin303 Helicopter Nut

    Me too.
  10. Joshhtn

    Joshhtn The eBay Guy
    Silver Member

    Yep. :crying:
  11. bobby_w

    bobby_w Alienigena
    Platinum Member

    A true, unsung, humble, writing Genius.

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