Brazilian made, not just Taurus

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by cciman, Dec 20, 2012.

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    Unless that hopped up Kia whoops your ass on a race course. Then it'd be awkward...

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  2. True, there are exceptions but I'll play the odds. :supergrin:

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    [ame=""]Fast and Furious racing against Ferrari Scene - YouTube[/ame]
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    ^ Hahaha, love that scene.

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  5. I certainly respect your opinion. I personally find the Filipino 1911s to be better values, but that's just my opinion.

    Like I said, it's good you have a very reliable Taurus.
  6. Mayhem like Me

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    Unless you shear the lugs off teh barrel or other malady due to a poorly fitted barrel , then send it back and have a go around for 6 months with custimer service on using "hot loads"..
    This happened to one of our officers.. I would say no a taurii...
  7. Inconsistency has always been Taurus' biggest issue. :dunno:

  8. I would avoid 'hot loads' in the first place and if need be fit a new barrel. I don't need any warranty service for any of my 1911s
  9. The Twilight movies were successful, doesn't make them good movies.
  10. They were 'good' to a lot of other people though.

    BTW- That's prolly the stupidest analogy I've ever seen on GT, congrats. Dude, you can bash the PT-1911 better than that!
  11. My GI is dated 05 & was still a US made gun. Reason for not selling it.

  12. I interpreted the quotes around "hot loads" as in Taurus accused him of using hot loads, even though he hadn't, as an excuse to try and not cover the repair under warranty.

    I could be way off the mark, however.
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    So you ride a bling-bling Honda & not a Harley? :dunno:
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    Just a spoiler, IS a Brazillian made GI.
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    No I think everybody else got it too

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  16. No markings anywhere.....
  17. Nah, its a great analogy, you're just butthurt because it fits. I don't need to put any effort into bashing it, if you check out this thread there are more than a few former PT-1911 owners giving first hand accounts of its less than stellar quality.

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  18. I'm pretty sure all Springfield 1911 frames are made in Brazil, along with other components. Guns that have an 'NM' serial number are assembled in the U.S. from Brazilian made components.
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    Look carefully around the flame. The IMBEL Gear Logo is stamped very lightly.

    But hey, don't believe us. Springfield guns are all made in America and not Brazil, Croatia, South Korea, ad infinitum.

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