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Braves Home Game

Discussion in 'The Georgia Club' started by dkochan, May 6, 2008.

  1. dkochan


    Dec 30, 2001
    Norcross, GA
    When entering the baseball stadium does security just look through your bags or, do they pat you down or wand you?
  2. GlocksForGoons


    Mar 14, 2008
    NE Atlanta
    Your other thread got locked and so will this one. Just don't go if you don't feel safe enough.

  3. RussP

    RussP Moderator

    Jan 23, 2003
    Central Virginia
    It's a violation of GA law to carry at athletic or sporting events.
    That being established, suggesting how best to skirt the law is against GT Rule #1.

    Please do not do it.
  4. Apprentice


    May 17, 2000
    North GA,USA
    They wand you since 9/11. Before that it was just a cursory look through your carry in bags. Today, it's almost airline level.
    And they won't tolerate a 1" blade on a little multi tool on your key chain. Just like the airlines.

    And GlockforGoons, it's not about safety IN the stadium, it's on the way to your vehicle AFTER the game at 11pm or whenever. Now it's generally benign nowadays with Turner Field and the parking lots. But back in the Fulton Co Stadium days you could be parked god knows where and I've had some moments escorting folks to their cars back in the '90's.

    But today, you ain't getting in with anything useful so don't try.
  5. python357

    python357 Flippin' Idiot

    Sep 22, 2003
    South Georgia
    Another member here posted about his experience at Turner Field. They wouldn't let him in with ANYTHING. Security even made him throw a small can of pepper spray in the trash before they would allow him in.