Brass is expensive!

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by wrx04, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. Alright, i just started looking tonight at brass/powder/pimers etc... so i can start reloading as soon as my press arrives. Holy crap! $24.99 for 100 brass cases:wow: I can buy 100 winchester bullets at walmart for $32.

    What gives? I havent even looked at the prices of primers/bullets/powder yet. I thought reloading was supposed to be CHEAPER than buying ammo:shocked:

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  2. It is cheaper in theory. Brass is reusable so you won't have to buy that every time. The start up cost is there but the price per round will come down.

    The other problem that eliminates the savings is all the new bullet/powder options that you find to work with. That is my problem now.

  3. GioaJack

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    What are you buying, 20 mm cases? I have ex-wives who shop better than you!

    If you're loading for pistol just look around for once fired cases... there are a million places that deal in them.

  4. Yeah, im looking at that too. how did you decide what to start with? I dont know what bullets or powder to stock up on initially.

    I might just buy some wwb at walmart and shoot them to get the brass instead of buying separately.
  5. DWARREN123

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    Best advice I can give is see if a gun store or range has once fired brass for sale. Go to bullet and powder company web sites to look for reloading info. Don't go crazy and buy all sorts of powders, primers and bullets. Start with one good load, learn it then go from there.
    Have fun and be safe! :supergrin:
  6. First and only place i looked was Im looking for 45ACP.....where do i find them? Hook a brother up.
  7. Yeah, i was gonna start with one load and thats it. One brand powder, primer, bullet and thats it. Maybe i should shoot up the 400 rounds of wwb i bought, and just scavenge some cases off the ground at the range.
  8. GioaJack

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    Follow DWARREN'S excellent advice... Google 'once fired brass', you won't be able to swing a dead cat without hitting a company that sells them.

  9. thank you, sir.
  10. That's exactly what I did. I bought 500 live rounds at a gun show to get started. I used Berry's plated bullets and Bullseye and Unique powders. The combo works great for me. It used to be you could save a lot by reloading pistol ammo, but not so any more. The only time the savings are worth the trouble now days is for large caliber rifle rounds.

    Good luck
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    Were you not saving your brass BEFORE you even got your reloader? :tongueout:

    I probably had 3000 pieces of 9mm on hand before I even got my 550B. Now I have slightly more than a 5gal bucket full.

    I have a 5gal bucket almost full of .40, and another two-thirds full of .45ACP. Several coffee cans of .38/.357. A double-handful of .380.

    Yes, I'm a brass whore. :rofl:

    Check any ranges near you, especially indoor ones. They usually sell brass they sweep up.

    I've yet to buy a piece of "new" brass, and probably never will unless I start loading long-distance rifle stuff.
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  13. I bought brass from this guy, stuff was pretty good. I haven't gone through it all yet as I bought a few thousand rounds. So far all good stuff, good shape and he shipped it right out.
  14. KB2MBC

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    Check out I bought 2000 once-fired .45acp for something like $80
  15. Oh, and i was just about to buy some bullet trays/primers/powder online, and they charge a "hazmat fee" on top of regular shipping. Total was $108 for the stuff but $190 after shipping. F that. I guess you cant buy that crap online?
  16. Nice. Thanks.
  17. You're in luck....45ACP brass is like flycrap, and it just about doesn't wear out. I've got some that the headstamp is ALMOST readable, but it still functions properly in a 1911.
    NOW, if you find yourself getting into a 10MM, buy new brass from Starline. Every place that I've found once-fired 10MM is listed as from a "law enforcement" range. Problem is, only agency that still uses 10MM in any real quantity is the F.B.I. and they run it thru H&K MP-10's. Like any other H&K auto or semi-auto rifle, they have the fluted chamber & the brass is JUNK. I've had some split on my first SIZING, never mind firing !
    Just a heads up, with .45 you'll lose the brass before you wear it out.

    Load Safe !

    uncle albert
  18. Buy a pound of powder and 1K primers at your local shop. Once you know you like what you are going to use use buy it in bulk online. Primers you are going to have to just put a bunch on order and wait it out. I usually order 5K of each size at one time. I buy 4# or 8# jugs of powder. Some times multiple 4 or 8# jugs. I try to get a good sized order with friends so we can split up the fees.
  19. Thats what i thought. Thanks.

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