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  1. Maybe I should post this in a more general forum, but since we 10mm Cultists use expensive brass that gets tossed a long ways, I thought I'd ask you.

    I need a brass catcher bad, because I am to old to crawl around, the brass from my G20sf bounces into the lane at my range when I am forced to shoot indoors, and the stuff is expensive. I've Googled them, and it seems like I want one that is rail attached, but the Akuna model has issues with flaking plastic and retention, costs $80; the Bubca looks weird; E&L seems not made for the Glock; the Graco hand-held, although our own NickE10mm likes it, is hand held, etc.

    Anyone got any experience with or advice about brass catchers for the Glock 10mm?

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  2. Mine are in middle school weekdays, but come to the range with me on the weekends, they do a grat job too!

  3. I rigged up a catcher out of an extendable fishing net. With just a few modifications you can turn these into a very versatile catcher...and you can get them in just about any size you want.
  4. Lacking as I do progeny, I ordered the hand-held and rail-mounted Graco models from Neil, who said I could return one. Weighing $22.47 and $24.77 against the cost of child-rearing, I believe this to be a wise investment. We will see.
  5. I like the Graco model. Also works well with the AR
    I found the same shortcomings as Brasstard did. Rubber fell out soon and it catches no more than 50% cases when shooting full power 10mm. Not to mention that I have to fix it’s position after every round fired – that could be dangerous considering it’s easy to put your hand in front of muzzle when doing this. However, now I use it only for 9mm, although I bought it for catching expensive 10mm brass.

    In general, idea of construction and design of this ABC is promising, but constructor should improve material, especially the wire - it's too soft to keep the whole thing on gun's rail firmly enough.
    I see some improvement if some harder wire (plastic coated, not rubber) would be used.
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