Boycotting China, Even More!

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by Silas.soule, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. I see the Chinese have been trying to get US made accelerators. They want to use them in missiles and/or fighter aircraft.

    The most interesting thing the news report said was that the Chinese see economic growth as a national security issue. Hey, that means our buying Taiwanese goods is a national security move on our part, as is our not buying anything at Wal-mart that is made in China. F'get China! We can limit China's economic growth every time we shop.

    Here's the link

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  4. Just checked and it turns out my underwear are Chinese. Hmmmm?
  5. I know, I know, but we gotta try.

    I have heard that some factories are moving out of China, for cheaper labor in places such as Vietnam and Cambodia.
  6. Carilise Tire and Rubber moved to China several years ago. They are now moving back to the USA.
  7. Cooper Tires - American made! Merica!!!!
  8. China is succumbing to international pressure on environmental and labor laws, as well as quality control standards, so their cost of producing goods is increasing despite having their currency pegged to the dollar. The more it develops, the more goods will be produced in non-unionized American plants, so don't feel guilty about buying some of your stuff from them.

    I am quite bothered that American and European gun companies are building plants in imperialistic countries like China and Turkey. We don't need to be teaching them how to build good quality modern arms.
  9. Funny.
    China has been building AK's for decades; superior to any American-made version.
  10. AK's are easy to manufacture, which is why they're extremely inexpensive internationally. Adding in other shotguns, rifles, and handguns that involve more skill to produce doesn't seem like a very good idea, especially when we're concerned about them stealing and copying designs for advanced military weaponry. No sense in helping them speed up the process.
  11. You can bet China is trying to get their hands on the new rifle sighting system that allows novices to shoot bedbugs at 100 yards, etc. You've probably read about it. It uses computer tech to sort of stabilize the shot.

    I'm unsure how to describe it, or what it's called exactly.

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