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Discussion in 'Survival/Preparedness Forum' started by mac66, Apr 29, 2013.

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    Last summer I bought a couple 70s & 80s era compound bows at garage sales dirt cheap. Never got around to them until this spring but I've been shooting them in the back yard for the last couple weeks.

    I used to bow hunt in the 70s & 80s and while I am pretty rusty I can still hit where I am aiming somewhat consistently. Now I am thinking that maybe a small take down bow would be a handy thing to have in a BOB.

    What's the hive think?

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  2. Warp



    How do you justify weight and space for that?

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  3. mac66

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    Well...a bow would be lighter than a firearm and more compact when broken down. Arrows are quiet, lethal and of course reusable. Native peoples survived with them for thousands of years. I carry a pistol anyway, a bow in my BOB would give me another option for hunting purposes.
  4. Warp


    What bow would be lighter and more compact than what firearm?

    Honestly it sounds kinda stupid and Hollywood to me, but if you can come up with some serious advantages that justify using that precious space and weight over water, meds, a firearm/ammo, water purification, clothing, whatever...I'm listening.
  5. A bow, with arrows and string doesn't weigh a whole lot less than say, an AR. My arrows are 32 inches long.. not compact in my opinion. And carrying more than say.. a dozen arrows is problamatic.

    Pull the pins on your AR. Stick each half in an old jeans leg, add a couple loaded mags, stick in backpack. Small, compact, quicker to assemble, and a buttt load more firepower.

    I shoot bows everyday. I have taken at least a dozen deer with one. Not for a moment would I try to use one as a weapon if I had anything more than a rock on hand.
  6. mac66

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    There are some very light and compact take down bows available. But ok, I get it, stupid idea.
  7. Bows are great for many reasons.

    Not least is that they're damn near silent and you can recover your ammo.

    I don't know about in a BOB but I'm not familitar with available options.

    Don't let the naysayers get to you.

    Many people poopoo things they haven't tried/don't use.

    Do what works for you.
  8. I suck at shooting a bow so it's definitely not for me. I guess it would depend on what you are building your BOB for really. In my case my bag is a "Get Home Bag" so I don't include serious options for hunting (a small fishing kit is as far as I go, and if needed maybe I could do some snares).

    Do you have examples of some break down bows?
  9. bows are so quiet...
    have extended seasons...
    I'm good with bows, but won't use one as defense weapon.
  10. OP did not state or imply use of bow as self defense weapon. OP did not ask for a firepower and terminal ballistic comparison to firearms. OP didn't state or imply replacing guns or other gear/supplies with a bow.

    Each of my bows, including sights (for those with sights) and all normally mounted accessories, weighs less than a Colt 6920. Most of my compound bows are within a few inches of the length of a Colt 6920 but still would not be considered comparatively compact.

    I rarely kill big game with firearms any more. I kill turkeys, small game, and even various birds with bows. I bowfish. I kill alligators with bows. I kill predators and nuisance animals with bows.

    I carry a bow into the woods quite often. A bow might take some time to become familiar with carrying, but I find it natural whether slung, on/in a pack, or in my hand(s).

    Handy thing? I say it's up to the OP. IMO, "handy" is not the appropriate word. Bows are great.

    Then again I don't carry MREs on my various outdoor adventures or in a "bob/ghb".
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  11. Stevekozak

    Stevekozak Returning video

    I think it could be a pretty decent idea. As the above poster said, the OP did not say he meant to use it as a primary defense weapon. Those in the thread that just think it is stupid, might want to look in a mirror. To me, calling another man's survival ideas stupid is, well, stupid. Especailly those ideas that have enabled men to survive for hundreds of years..... Just my two cents.
  12. Warp


    By very definition anything that goes in a BOB takes away from something else going in. There is a space/weight limit, and anything that takes up measurable space/weight counts towards that limit. Or simply adds to it and further burdens you.

    He need not specify that the laws of physics still stand in order for them to do so.
  13. mac66

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    Just to add fuel to the fire...:whistling:

    I went to a wilderness survival class a couple weeks ago, just for something to do. I used to be a Scoutmaster and used to teach wilderness survival for Boy Scout merit badge. Not an expert by any means and that was a long time ago.

    The class was interesting and the instructor introduced us to the Dellbow pocket bow. It was invented by Ron Hood (Hoods/Woods guy) and is basically a carabiner with surgical tube which you use to shoot an arrow. Dave Canterbury has a similar one made from a Wrist Rocket sling shot. I think I saw it on one of his youtube videos.

    The other bow the instructor had was one made by I thought it was pretty slick. Even the arrows came apart.



    This is probably be the one I would carry in a pack.
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  14. kirgi08

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    Are those limbs ambi? .'08. :dunno:
  15. Akita

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    Not everything is a Mad Max scenario. Quiet hunting in your AO could come in handy.
    Also, I firmly believe that practice shooting Anything improves your skill in shooting Everything. Quiet practice.
  16. If you are knee deep in using the contents of you BOB/GHB to hunt/survive.. it's gone pretty MadMax in my opinion.
  17. Akita

    Akita gone

    The discussion seemed to have strayed away from BOB. That is the only reason I chimed in as I did. Unless you spend a couple of pages qualifying the conditions, all the arguing about BOB contents are pretty useless imo.
  18. Nice cliches and catchy phrases. LOL.

    Start your own thread detailing exactly what you have in your bag with dimensions, weights, and purposes instead of sniping at other people's ideas.
  19. Warp



    Touchy much?

    Cliches and catchy phrases? What? :headscratch: It's as simple as that. Everything that goes in a BOB comes at the opportunity cost of whatever else you could use that space and weight for. Or are you contesting that fact?
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  20. A takedown longbow or recurve would save weight and ensure that you can stay quiet and still eat. Firearms are not the only way to go. Modern compounds likely would not fare well with home-made arrows,should the situation become protracted.

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