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Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by GlockLassie, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. Hi all, I´ve been gun hunting since I was a child (roe, red, fallow deer, wood pigeon, pheasant, ducks/geese etc) though I prefer to bow hunt. I also represent a hunting company in The Netherlands as their events team traveling throughout countries in Europe giving seminars and workshops to gun hunters and people who are interested in learning the art of bow hunting.

    I spent some time living in MS and going after white tail (which I love).

    I now hunt locally here in Spain for red stag, fallow, roe deer, wild boar, Ibex, mouflon and so forth.

    Just thought i´d drop in and say hi :wavey:




    I will have more pics in summer time.

    Take care all.

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  4. packin23

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    Well Howdy! Nice shot on the rabbit. Next season will be my first year hunting with a bow. I love to rifle hunt but I'm very excited to bow hunt next season. What kind of bow you shoot? Mine's a PSE Mach X.


    A little bit of an older bow, but it's fast and accurate.
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  5. Taken with a PSE X-force SS. Also got a fox on this trip. Love to bowhunt, but it is frustaring for an impatient person like me!:cool:
  6. Thanks for your post. Please post a pic of your arrow heads.
  7. vandros

    vandros 10mm fan

    Sorry for a stupid question, but what are the benefits of hunting with bow/arrow v. gun? Is it the challenge? Or greater silence? In other words, why would one prefer to hunt w. bow/arrow v. gun? I used to own a crossbow for a few years, and loved shooting it at the range - never got a chance to go hunting with it, though..
  8. I much prefer the bow, it is thrilling, challenging and it is the way my ancestors hunted in Scotland (bow and arrow). I do not hunt with guns now.
  9. jakebrake

    jakebrake cracker

    you scored a headshot on a rabbit with a compound?


    you married?
  10. hey..a LEFTIE!! nice shooting on the bunny.

    i've given up rifle hunting since 2007. been a real challenge. bowhunting california seems to allow me to hunt ALL THE TIME. i just got done with deer season, and just this week, i gathered up my turkey gear. turkey season opens up march 30. i love bowhunting. i am not great at it, and my kills are few and far between. but it really is the only way to go for me.
  11. GIockGuy24

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    The first time I arrived in Europe I stayed with a family in France on the Belgian border. The father hunted rabbits with a 12 gauge shotgun. They told me that hare tastes stronger or gamier than rabbit. They preferred rabbit. The father told me that rabbits burrow in the ground and hares nest and sleep on top of the ground. I think most of the animals we call rabbits in America do not burrow. Some say they are technically hares and not rabbits but I have also seem them described as American rabbits and are different from European rabbits but are not hares. The French father told me one animal can't see straight ahead, only side to side due to their eyes. This causes them to run zig-zag. The other animal can see straight ahead and runs or hops in a straight line. He said the zig-zag hopping one is more difficult to shot witha rifle and shotguns are popular to hunt them. I have forgotten which one of these was the rabbit and which one was the hare but I'm guessing since he hunted rabbit with a shotgun that might be the one that runs zig-zag. I've never heard this distinction in America and 22 caliber rimfire rifles or popular for rabbit hunting in America.

    I did stay on a rabbit farm in Belgium for quite a while and ate plenty of rabbit and got really good at skinning them.

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