Bought 870 Express Tactical Today ?s

Discussion in 'Tactical Shotguns' started by hsprincipal, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. Got a Magpul forend as well. What other accessories should I get? This is going to be a beater gun. That's why I got the Express, but I would like to upgrade sight and a few other things. Suggestions welcome...

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  3. collim1

    collim1 Shower Time!

    The only forearm I would buy is a Surefire.

    Depending on the use you intend for it maybe a side saddle. I personally dont like side saddles on hunting guns or HD guns as they change the balance and make carrying it more difficult.

    On my duty shotgun I have a side saddle, sling, and a Surefire fore end. The only accessories needed on a good shotgun. I have considered an oversized safety, but haven't gotten around to trying one.

  4. What are your opinions on changing the buttstock?
  5. Been using an 870 at work for over 27 years...own 2 and they both have sidesaddles, two point sling, extended mag tube, magpul stock, houge forend, and the vang comp round top large safety....just picked up a 1100 tac 4 and adding the same safety....

    Keep it simple.....
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  6. SCSU74

    SCSU74 St. Cloud Proud

    I have a speedfeed iv pistol grip stock, shotgun cards for extra rounds (similar to side saddle), bang comp big safety, upgraded mim express parts for the 870P parts, light mount/surefire light, and 1 pt sling on my work gun. Up to you how crazy you go, really depends on use.

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  7. Bead front sight is all that you need for SD.

    If you want to shoot slugs, you can get a barrel with sights.

    I put a Wilson 2 shot extension without the sling mount on
    mine and that's all I need.

    If you want a tactical shotgun, and add parts, go to
    aippi's website and read about shotguns.
  8. If you plan on using it for defensive use, I recommend a light.

  9. Thanks... I do use it for HD... Do you have a recommendation for a light? BTW great videos... Keep up the good work....
  10. I have the same model 870. I've added the heavier carrier dog spring, non MIM extractor, Vang safety and a Hogue 12" LOP stock. An XS bead and light are next.
  11. glockman99

    Millennium Member

    Here is my Rem. 870 12-gauge Express Super Magnum:


    Knoxx/Blackhawk adjustable pistol-grip stock (with Pachmayr slip-on grip on pistol grip), Hogue rubber forearm, 18.5" barrel, +2 magazine extention with clamp, Hi-Viz Flame Green front sight, 6-shot receiver mount ammo carrier, "tactical follower", Wolff extra power magazine spring (tuned), Mesa receiver mount hook loop for 1-point sling, trigger job...
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  12. I put the Remington "Youth" model stock on mine. I like a 13in LOP on a pump gun.
  13. glockman99

    Millennium Member

    This why I went with the adjustable length Knoxx/Blackhawk stock for my 870...I also like a shorter stock than "normal", as it's quicker to "shoulder" without getting hung-up on my shirt and/or jacket.
  14. I had one of those from before they sold the company to Blackhawk. I liked it but that particular shotgun had issues. I never did get it sorted. Even Remington couldn't figure it out.

    I ended up tearing the furniture off and selling it to a buddy and selling the action to a gunsmith buddy who eventually tore it completely down and rebuilt it and it worked fine.

    I'm one of those rare individuals who's almost completely indifferent to recoil up to a point. I've shot a few big bore African style big game rifles that I'd not care to shoot again. They were custom affairs that were built to be light but still take down a 2000+lb animal with one shot.

    But a shotty doesn't bother me at all, even my Benelli M2 which kicks pretty hard being as light as it is. My buddy Doug who's a Capt. in the Airforce so no stranger to guns will only shoot a few rounds through the Benelli.

    So basically, the recoil eating utility of the Knoxx stock were lost on me but the design is pretty cool. I want to do another Remington with a folding setup for the car. I'll most likely do the Mesa extension and an ACE folder attached to it.
  15. Excellent advice...

    Mine has a Choate pistol grip stock, Choate for-end with Surefire light, side saddle, Remington oversize safety and Breaching choke tube, a Ext mag tube and Rem choked (threaded barrel) rifle site barrel. These sites are steel and durable offering a excellent sight picture and durable sites.

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  16. The HSP WML is what I have on there now and I really like it in that position. Very instinctive to activate. I've also used a Streamlight ProTac HL on it before and it's worked very well. It's bright as hell (600 lumens) but the battery life is obviously shortened...
  17. On the other hand a side saddle adds some recoil taming weight, and you don't have to carry an HD gun around far or long, like you do with a patrol gun. Grab the gun with a sidesaddle in an emergency and you have your reloads with you.

    I also find reloading (be it the chamber or the tube), easier from a side saddle than from a stock mounted shell holder or Speedfeed.

    A sling is still a good idea on an HD gun to free at least one hand for opening doors, holding on to children and other emergency tasks.
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  18. glockman99

    Millennium Member

    The Knoxx/Blackhawk stock that I have doesn't have that pesky recoil-reduction system...I don't want the whole damn shotgun moving backwards into the stock as I fire it.
  19. I put a four round SS on mine and really like it. it doesn't mess with the feel of the gun much. I have a +3 [I think] extended mag tube that make the front feel heavy so I don't care for it. it goes about an inch past my barrel. I think a +1 or 2 would feel better.
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  20. Just put the Magpul on mine and like it. Very nice stock.

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