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  1. If you buy sealed bottled water from the store and it has never been opened, store in cool dark dry place limited light, how long will it be safe for drinking?
  2. There are differences of opinion about this. I personally have several cases of Dasani water in storage--dark and cool--from three or four years ago. Will they be good to drink if I go and crack one open right now? I'm pretty sure they would be, at least in terms of micro-organism growth, etc.

    However--there may be some plastic-bottle chemical byproducts that have leeched into the water (i.e. BPA--which is a carcinogenic toxin).

    To be safe, it's a good idea to plan on filtering water that has been stored beyond six months or so. Boiling or chemically purifying water that has stored for a long time also may be a worthwhile step to take if you are not rotating your water storage.

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