Bodyguard Value?

Discussion in 'The Snubbie Club' started by Leigh, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. No Bluebook so I'm asking here.

    A non-gun friend inherited a very nice 649 (.38 only), no dash with factory wood grips.

    Appears 95%+ overall with only one visable burn ring on the cylinder face.
    S&W told me it was made in 1987-88 (serial#AYT17xx).

    $400-425 a fair offer???


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  3. That is pretty much the price in this neck of the woods.

    (cept of course for those folks who seem to confuse stainless steel for gold)

  4. I have 3 Bodyguards. $400 is a good price. $425 is a fair price. With box, and papers I would go to $450

  5. Just got it!

    No box/papers but a pair of the old school Pachmayr Compac grips and a Safariland speedloader (beats HKS, hands down) thrown in for $375!

    Now, to find that elusive Nickel Airweight BG that has haunted me for a number of years!

    Thanks for the input.
  6. Congrats on a good buy. You will enjoy it.
  7. There is a nickel 649 on classifieds. I been watching it but he is still at like $500 FIRM. IF he drops I may jump on it but not at that price.
  8. I've seen the same kind of pricing at recent gun shows.

    The internal locks and MIM parts never really bothered me but it seems like just about ANY pre-lock J-frame (and K,L,N) have skyrocketed.

    I was eyeballing a beautiful .22 kit gun (stainless) until I saw the asking price of $650! Ouch.

    Of course, I still see a lot of the SAME guns at some of the same tables year after year.
  9. Glock 17L

    Glock 17L *GLOCKAHOLIC*

    Leigh is right..
    I've seen the same guns at the same show, RK/Kenny Woods in Lexington, & Most any Pre Lock 100% Forged J Frame will be priced @ $550 & above, I did see the 22 Kit Gun @ $650 the last show as well..
    I'm down to just one J frame, My 940, & am happy with it but still wanna pick up a Glock 26 to be the little brothjer to my 17L..
    You did great on the 649 Leigh..
    Congrats!! In fact I may have owned that 649 not long ago.. Sold one in Lexington Black Friday 2009..
    I still have a picture of it here..

    S&W 649 940 & 642
  10. Thanks, SIG.

    I'm sure we've frequented many of the same gun shows in Lex and L'ville!
    I STILL see those beautifully engraved J-frames in the velvet-lined boxes for 1200+ bucks a pop. Nice to look at but that's all.

    I may go all old school and add a Tyler T-grip to the wood stocks...Federal's reintroduced Nyclad (non+P), Milt Sparks Summer Special IWB, and a Bianchi speed strip.

    Voila...1980 all over again! :supergrin:
  11. in my area steel j frames tend to go cheaper than alloy with most steel j's at 275-350 but alloys about a 100 more
  12. Glock 17L

    Glock 17L *GLOCKAHOLIC*

    Leigh the guy with the monogramed velvet cased Smiths is Mitch, He's never sold a gun as far as I know of & his wife selling womens stuff & vacume cleaners etc..
    He's got a few Hk P7s & is really proud of his gear = High Dollar..
    I believe in the non +P Nyclads too, I have several new Old Stock boxes of it in 38spl & 9mm para..
    AYP1606 was the serial # of the one I sold & was as new in the box.. Made in 1987..

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